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Chapter311 - The Number One Genius of the First Grade

“There are a lot of other rankings as well, such as for blacksmiths, mecha designers, makers, and mechanics. Then there’s the Genius Youths Ranking.

“It’s considered a secondary ranking outside of the Continental Rankings. Anyone on it is destined to make it onto the Continental Rankings, assuming they don’t meet with an unfortunate accident. “Only those eighteen and under can have their names listed there, with their talent, strength, secondary profession, and soul power all assessed. There are thirty spots on this list altogether.

“Of these thirty slots, the majority are held by students of Shrek Academy. And of those Shrek students, seven are under fifteen years old. In our class, there’s the rank 17 Shackler Luo Guixing, the rank 19 Immortal Xu Yucheng, and the rank 30 Jade Snake Zheng Yiran.”

Tang Wulin felt his heart tremble from hearing of this ranking system for the first time. “Big brother Yang, you must be part of that seven, right? Probably ranked even higher than Zheng Yiran too. You’re so strong.”

Yang Nianxia chuckled. “I just made it on to the list, ranked 27. Everyone calls me Dark Bear.”

Dark Bear?

Tang Wulin snickered in his heart.

The nickname suits him! He’s cunning and can hide it so well.

“Actually, the rankings aren’t absolute. The difference in strength between us isn’t that great. For example, take Xu Yucheng. He has a higher cultivation than the three-ringed Luo Guixing, but he ranks lower. So you see, the ranking is a comprehensive evaluation of talent. Luo Guixing isn’t the highest ranked person in our class either. There’s a person under sixteen who’s made it to rank 9.”

“Rank 9?” Tang Wulin gaped.

He controls the space element but he isn’t at the top of the list?

Yang Nianxia nodded, solemn in his action. “It’s said that there hasn’t been a class of new students as powerful as ours in a hundred years. To have two or three students on the Genius Youths Ranking in a batch of new students is already considered excellent. But the current Shrek Academy? It has seven on the list! To be fair, two of them are already in the second grade, so technically we have five in our class. The highest ranked person is called Wu Siduo. I’m not sure how we compare in strength, but I know she’s from Star Luo City. She has four soul rings, but unlike Xu Yucheng, all of them are thousand-year. She’s praised as a once-in-a-century genius in Star Luo City, and it’s likely she’ll reach the top of the Genius Youths Ranking by the time she turns eighteen. And besides that, she’s also a fourth-rank mecha designer. Truly amazing. Actually, she’s similar to you in that regard. You’ve also reached the fourth-rank, right? It’s surprising that you’ve managed to do that with only two soul rings.”

The way in which Gu Yue watched Tang Wulin shifted at that moment. Originally, she had disapproved of teaming up with Yang Nianxia, not to me

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