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Chapter313 - Twin Souled Wu Siduo

Tang Wulin’s team worked in perfect concert with Wu Siduo. While she soared into the air, Dark Bear Yang Nianxia charged toward the shield youth like a tank, his soul rings twinkling and his dark-golden hair shining radiantly.

He soon entered the range of the shield youth’s Pull, but he wasn’t trying to avoid it in the first place.

At that moment, Luo Guixing demonstrated his astonishing battlefield control ability that made him the core of his team.

Inches before Yang Nianxia crashed into the shield youth, the youth disappeared in a silver flash of light and Yang Nianxia charged through thin air.

The two agility-type soul masters instantly appeared at Yang Nianxia’s sides, dashing around him and toward Tang Wulin and Gu Yue in the backline.

It was clear that Yang Nianxia’s might easily suppressed both agility and defense-type soul masters, so when the shield youth reappeared, he stood at Luo Guixing’s side.

Luo Guixing’s eyes glinted as his first and second soul rings lit up. Silver light flashed around Yang Nianxia.

Spatial soul skills were powerful because no one could do anything to avoid being teleported. In the blink of an eye, Yang Nianxia found himself fifteen meters away from his previous position and rooted in place by Spatial Lock.

This short-range teleportation and Spatial Lock would probably only slow him down by two or three seconds, but on a battlefield, victory or defeat could be decided in that time.

With Yang Nianxia teleported away, Tang Wulin and Gu Yue were left wide open for the two agility-type soul masters to swoop in. It only took them a second to close the distance.

Meanwhile, the shield soul master thrust his shield into the air with a grunt. Soul power flooded out of him to form walls around him, Luo Guixing, and Xu Xiaoyan.

Their remaining two teammates stood behind them. One had his hands raised into the air, conjuring a giant bird of fire that soared into the air. The other was their support-type soul master. Light bloomed around him, flowing out to empower the soul power of his teammates. Soul power amplification was a powerful support ability that scaled with the user’s growth. Its influence was tremendous and could turn the tide of battle, especially for a seven-man team.

Luo Guixing’s smile had already vanished from his face. An eerie calm set in him, his eyes shining with a light as if they were able to see through everything.

The impromptu cooperation between Wu Siduo and Yang Nianxia’s team was undoubtedly the greatest challenge he had ever faced, but he was confident in his victory. He wasn’t fighting them alone. He had a team with him. He firmly believed that the power of an individual person was limited, but that of a team was infinite. Furthermore, as the team’s leader, it was crucial for him to have the skills that allowed his teammates to display their full potential.

Luo Guixing had complete co

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