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Chapter317 - A Thousand Stones Breaks the Scythe

Xu Yucheng’s Demon Scythe definitely had a long reach. In order to keep him from taking advantage of that, Tang Wuling threw his clawed fist straight at him.

Xu Yucheng, now recovered from the Purple Demon Eyes’s spiritual attack, stared at Tang Wulin straight in the eye. He loosened his grip on his scythe and slid his hand up toward the blade’s curved edge, then, his expression as impassive as ever, slashed at the incoming claw with his shortened scythe.

A crisp note rang through the air, and violet darkness ran up Tang Wulin’s scaled arm. Xu Yucheng borrowed the force of their clash to jump backward.

However, he staggered a few times as he retreated. Clearly, he had underestimated Tang Wulin’s strength.

Now that Xu Yucheng opened up some distance between them, it would be difficult for Tang Wulin to penetrate the range of the Demon Scythe again. He was disadvantaged in both reach and soul power.

It was too late to use Bind. Xu Yucheng would simply shred all the bluesilver grass Tang Wulin threw at him.

Xu Yucheng was stunned by Tang Wulin’s strength.

Although Tang Wulin revealed a shocking golden ring, he only had two soul rings and the soul power to match. It was on this basis that Xu Yucheng was confident he could overwhelm Tang Wulin in a contest of power. Even when he was forced to retreat, he still felt confident he could defeat Tang Wulin.

Now, however, he realized that Tang Wulin’s strength was beyond his expectations. Despite the disparity in their soul power, their clash had resulted in his complete and utter loss. Uncontrollable tremors still gripped him from the impact.

He probably thinks I specialize in long weapons. Unfortunately for him, my Demon Scythe is just as good for close quarters fights! I can use it like a short weapon instead. He might be able to unleash explosive strength, but there’s no way he can keep it up for long.

Xu Yucheng’s judgement was accurate, but he didn’t know just how differently Tang Wulin viewed the situation.

Trying to open up distance?

Bluesilver grass shot out to hinder his opponent while Tang Wulin brandished his claw once more.

Golden Dragon Body blood essence surged out, instantly dispersing the black haze surrounding his right arm. Then he lifted his arm up, the brilliant gold luster of his claw darkening as he slashed down. Five dark-gold waves of light shot out.

A magnificent scene unraveled before the spectators, demanding their full attention. Even Wu Siduo opened her eyes in awe.

They watched Tang Wulin lift his arm, then slash down and release those five waves of light. The waves tore through the sky, rapidly closing in on Xu Yucheng.

Apprehension dawned on Xu Yucheng’s face, but it came too late. He only managed to turn around and hold his scythe in front before the attack reached him.

The deafening screech of metal tearing metal resounded, and Xu Yucheng was sent cras

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