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Chapter336 - Three-ringed Soul Elder

The sole way to cultivate a spirit soul involved the absorption of spirit energy from the spirit ascension platform. That said, it was possible for the spirit soul’s owner to strengthen it by advancing their soul rank. This type of growth, however, rarely surpassed ten percent, if it grew at all. Yet before Feng Wuyu’s eyes, Tang Wulin’s spirit soul had increased by fifty percent and that didn’t seem to be the end!

Goldlight’s taut body relaxed one vertebra at a time, coiling around Tang Wulin like a protective vest. A flash, and golden veins sprang up over Tang Wulin’s skin, his blood essence roaring with strength as they popped into existence. His figure let off a faint layer of gold light.

Eyebrows arching toward the sky, Feng Wuyu muttered, “He really fits our school’s motto. What a little monster.” Before he knew it, he was shaking his head. “I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Unknown to Feng Wuyu was Tang Wulin’s current state of being, calm as a still lake. Unlike his new teacher, he understood what was happening to his body.

The third soul ring was a major bottleneck for soul masters, but he had succeeded. Along with Goldlight’s growth, it offered a third soul ring to Tang Wulin. Besides gaining another ring, Tang Wulin’s body and meridians strengthened and his blood essence richened.

However, he had yet to absorb to its entirety the reservoir of cold energy spiraling within him. There was still more to improve his soul power rank with, still more to be done.

His body pulsed with energy in a sudden jolt. Following that, his third soul ring condensed into existence. He immediately fused with it, diving straight into breaking through rank 31, but even then there seemed to be enough energy left to tread deeper..

At that moment, Tang Wulin heard a voice.

“Take this opportunity to break a seal.” Old Tang’s voice resounded in his head.

“C-can I really?” Tang Wulin asked in astonishment.

“Normally, you wouldn’t be able to since you just broke the second seal, but your blood essence has been improving rapidly these days. And that warm energy helped strengthen your meridians. But most important of all, what you ingested earlier was a ten-thousand-year spirit item of extremely high purity. It’s more than enough to substitute for the spirit items I previously told you to get. Moreover, now that you have three rings, you’re strong enough to break the third seal. Don’t waste this opportunity. I’ll help you convert that spirit item’s energy into blood essence. Right now, increasing your soul power isn’t as important as breaking the next seal. The earlier you break the seal, the stronger your blood will become, especially if you break the third seal right now. That’ll give you plenty of time to prepare for the fourth seal.”

“Okay!” There was no hesitation in Tang Wulin’s answer.

With that said, Tang Wulin’s blood essence took on a full boil, vap

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