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Chapter334 - Breaking Through

“Quit complaining. I’ll lower the price to five spirit refinings just for you. And in case that’s not enough, the Association will provide you with the metal to forge.”

Tang Wulin stopped struggling at Feng Wuyu’s words. Just five? And they’ll give me the metal free of charge too? If I don’t have to buy the metal, I’ll save a ton of money!

Sensing the change in Tang Wulin, Feng Wuyu scowled. “I get it now. Kid, you’re a super stingy money grubber!”

Tang Wulin broke into a smile that fell a bit short of being straight. “Elder Feng, I’m not a money grubber! I’m just from a poor family. If I don’t plan each cent of my spending every day, then I can’t afford to eat. Don't forget, I’m a working student. I have to pay for my meals too. I can’t afford not to be stingy. How about you cover all my meals too? If you do, then I’ll listen to anything you say.”

“Give me a break already!” Feng Wuyu groaned, throwing his hands up in the air. Then he pinched the bridge of his nose. “Fine, I’ll cover your meals. But only if you accept me as your teacher.”

“Deal!” Mu Chen had urged him to be his student. Feeding himself was currently his biggest challenge after all!

Tang Wulin’s quick response left Feng Wuyu in a daze. He narrowed his eyes seconds after, suspicion thick in the air. “Why’d you agree so quickly? You’re acting like a little thief! What’s going on!”

Tang Wulin revealed a fox’s smile. “It just so happens I met Teacher Mu Chen today, and he agreed to let me accept you as my teacher. Of course, Teacher Mu Chen is still one of my teachers too. Elder Feng, your words have a lot of weight, you know? So you have to keep your promise!”

Feng Wuyu understood now. “Kid, you really know how to take advantage of opportunities! That kid Mu Chen is also quite tactful. I was actually planning on paying him a nice visit and rampaging a bit. Hmph!”

If Mu Chen were present to hear Feng Wuyu’s words, he definitely would have broken out into a cold sweat. Feng Wuyu was a true madman! Besides Mu Chen, not even Zhen Hua, a Divine Blacksmith and president of the Blacksmith’s Association, dared provoke him.

“Elder Feng, so you agreed to pay for my food, right?” To Tang Wulin, this was the most important part of their deal.

“You’re still calling me ‘Elder Feng’?” Feng Wuyu massaged his forehead with his hands, his previous irritation snuffed out. “Do you think I’m senile?”

“Teacher!” Tang Wulin quickly corrected himself.

For a moment, because of the pride from acquiring Tang Wulin as a student, he let slip a giant grin. After enjoying his new disciple’s salute for a while longer, he kicked Tang Wulin from the ground. “Alright. Get up you brat. You’re my disciple from now on. If anyone dares bully you on campus, just tell me and I’ll go beat the crap out of them.”

“Thank you, Teacher.” Tang Wulin lowered his head, the picture of respect.

Now that Feng Wuyu was his teac

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