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Chapter325 - Seeing What Shouldn't Be Seen

With Feng Wuyu’s workshop behind him, Tang Wulin felt his whole body relax, limbs no longer held tightly together by ropes of tension. Just thinking about how an unreasonable madman like Feng Wuyu would respond to rejection sent shivers down his spine. Fortunately, Feng Wuyu showed a modicum of rationality today and let him off the hook. That wasn’t to say Tang Wulin didn’t understand the importance of blacksmithing, but it was not his number one priority right now.

However, Tang Wulin would be lying to say he wasn’t at least curious about Feng Wuyu’s special method. Especially if it could boost his soul power without any side effects. It likely required the consumption of heavenly spirit items. Even so, ten spirit refined products was too large of a price for Tang Wulin to hand over.

He had no choice but to be stingy. In order to refine his blood essence, he had to shell out the money for the spirit items necessary to break his seals. This was impossible to accomplish unless he saved every penny! Once sixteen, he would have to break one seal a year, and judging from the items required to shatter the third seal, he could only imagine the outrageous treasures needed for the later ones. There was no way he had enough cash stashed right now.

Night creeped along, each working student nestled within their dorms not letting out a peep.

Flitting his eyes open, Xie Xie spared a glance at Tang Wulin. He was currently cultivating in his bed, a thick aura of blood essence lingering around him. His body burst with vitality. Whenever he cultivated with Tang Wulin, Xie Xie felt more motivated. And while his soul power rank may be higher than Tang Wulin’s, he had never felt superior to him.

Climbing off his bed with the full grace of a cat, a slight tap from his feet touching the ground and nothing more, Xie Xie crept past Tang Wulin’s bed. Careful to not alarm the two girls, who slept on the other side of the curtain splitting their room in half, he kept this act and snuck out the door.

Xie Xie basked in the refreshing night breeze once outside. He looked to the sky, eyes trembling with one part frustration and two parts resolve.

For the past few days, he had been working hard reshaping and improving himself. His understanding of himself grew twofold after the competition for presidency.

Stepping foot into Shrek Academy had forced Xie Xie to reevaluate his strength relative to his peers. It was a hard thing to swallow. Back in Eastsea City, he had been among the cream of the crop, but now, he was barely above average. He had understood Tang Wulin was strong back then, but he had thought he could still compete with his speed. However, Tang Wulin’s improvement rate went beyond his imagination. He didn’t believe it at first. Tang Wulin’s advancement did not slip one bit.The combination of his destructive golden dragon claw and Tang Sect secret arts placed him higher tha

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