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Chapter340 - The Blazing Fire Dragon and the Scarlet Armored Dragon

Concerned, Wu Zhangkong followed Zhuo Shi back into the small house, leaving Tang Wulin to his thoughts and their softening footsteps. “Teacher, isn’t this too soon? That’s the first part of the most powerful soul skill you created! Can Wulin learn it as he is now?”

“You don’t understand,” said Zhuo Shi, waving his hand dismissively in the air. “His draconic bloodline is very pure and noble. It’s at least a grade above mine. Besides being limited to dragon-type martial souls, my self-created soul skill requires an extremely powerful blood essence from the use. I’m only teaching it to him because his bloodline resembles my martial soul. It’s bizzare how his martial soul isn’t dragon related at all despite his powerful draconic bloodline! But that’s not important right now.” He stared Wu Zhangkong straight in the eye. “What matters is that he’s strong enough to start learning my soul skill. It’s just a matter of how much he can comprehend. Dragon Shocks the Heavens is the first of my Divine Dragon’s Nine Moves. If he can understand it, then that means he has talent. If not, his bloodline will ensure no harm to be done..”

Zhuo Shi paused, seeming to remember something. Then he snorted. “Besides, if I don’t teach him anything, that shameless bastard Feng Wuyu is going to snatch him away. I gave him a call yesterday and you wouldn’t believe how arrogant he was, asking me what I’ve done for Wulin. Hmph! We’ll see who’s able to give the most to Wulin soon enough. He’s just a three-word battle armor master right now. He hasn’t even become a Divine Blacksmith yet. Let’s see if he dares fight with me!”

Wu Zhangkong pulled a helpless face. “Teacher, Elder Feng is after Wulin’s forging ability. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Zhuo Shi groaned. “Nonsense! Are you saying I don’t understand that old bastard’s character? He’s utterly selfish and does nothing that wouldn’t benefit him! I don’t believe for even a second that he hasn’t taken notice of Wulin’s special bloodline. But Wulin is most suited studying under me. I don’t care if he also has a dragon-type martial soul. It’ll be a pain in the ass if that bastard teaches Wulin as well. So no matter what that bastard says, Wulin is still my granddisciple. Oh, that’s right. Since he accepted Wulin as his disciple, and Wulin is my granddisciple, doesn’t that mean I’m the elder between us?”

Zhuo Shi lit up at the thought, any trace of sourness about the situation completely washed away. The sight left Wu Zhangkong gaping

Ever since the two had entered Shrek Academy, Zhuo Shi and Feng Wuyu strived to one-up the other. Both wielded peak-level dragon-type martial souls, one being the Blazing Fire Dragon and the other the Scarlet Armored Dragon. Consequently, it was natural for them to become rivals.

Later on, Feng Wuyu had taken a liking to forging and diverted much of his energy to becoming a blacksmith. Hi

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