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Chapter327 - Consequences

The red-haired girl was nowhere to be seen. A five-meter tall titan now stood in her place.

The girl had taken on a new, clearly stronger form, yet blood trickled from the five long gashes that ran from her right shoulder and down her arm. It was impossible to come out of a clash with Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Dreadclaw unharmed. It was a skill derived from the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear after all!

Tang Wulin did not come out unscathed either. The shockwave of their clash sent him flying backward. Fortunately, Gu Yue conjured a wall of air to cushion his impact.

But when the dust settled and the form of the titan grew clear, everyone’s jaws dropped.

The titan’s majestic body exuded pure strength, seeming to constrict the atmosphere itself.

I-isn’t this the Titan Giant Ape? This is Yuanen’s Titan Giant Ape! What’s going on? Why did it appear here?

The titan glared at Xie Xie with eyes full of crimson fury. It was as if they were on the verge of exploding. Next to Tang Wulin, Gu Yue frowned, wind and rain swirling around her, birthing a storm. Off to the side, Yue Zhengyu flapped his wings with an aura of majesty and ascended to the air where he eyed her warily.

She took my Light of Judgement and Tang Wulin’s claw attack head-on, but there isn’t a single scratch on her! She’s no simple evil soul master!

As doubt crept into his heart, Tang Wulin’s rage dissipated. “A-are you Yuanen?”

All of a sudden, a wave of pressure swept through the surrounding space, suppressing all everyone present.

The first to suffer was Yue Zhengyu, who was knocked from the air. He slammed face first into the ground, a human-shaped crater beneath him.

Next to fall were Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan. With Xie Xie’s injuries and Xu Xiaoyan’s weak body, neither could put up much of a fight.

Fortunately, Tang Wulin had pulled Gu Yue into his arms the moment of the pressure wave’s inception. His golden soul ring flashed into existence and he activated Golden Dragon Body. Blood essence, thick and powerful, flooded out of him in an effort to quell the mysterious pressure. Even so, he lasted no more than a second before also falling to his knees.

Compared to the others, Yuanen resisted the longest. She let out a rebellious roar before dropping down to all fours. That said, she towered above the rest, an unyielding flame burning within her eyes.

But that was all the resistance she could muster. In the eyes of this force, they were nothing but ants.

Two figures in their thirties descended from the sky. One wielded seven glittering soul rings and the other six. Perhaps most shocking of all was their shining armor.

Battle armor! That has to be battle armor!

The difference in strength between them and a six or seven-ringed soul master, while large, would not have suppressed the youths so thoroughly. Such dominance was possible due to the amplification effect of battle armor!


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