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Chapter314 - Self-Soul Fusion Skill

Gritting his teeth, the shield soul master charged forward and attacked with his shield!

Yang Nianxia had suffered quite a bit after being helplessly teleported out of the fray by Luo Guixing. Now that he had finally rejoined the chaos, he couldn’t bear to restrain his strength.

A boom tore through the air as Yang Nianxia smashed the shield out of the shield youth’s hand and sent him flying backward. Before the youth could hit the ground, Tang Wulin sent a strand of bluesilver grass shooting out from behind Yang Nianxia to wind its way around the youth's waist. Then Tang Wulin yanked backward, flinging the young shield soul master right into Yang Nianxia's fist.

White light blossomed, signaling the youth’s elimination.

Yang Nianxia turned around to face Tang Wulin and Gu Yue. To his surprise, he found no trace of the two agility-type soul masters from Luo Guixing's side they should have been fighting with.

They already got rid of those two?

Yang Nianxia was shocked. Tang Wulin is just a two-ringed control-type soul master… Was he actually able to suppress those two agility-types? But... this is Shrek Academy! None of the people here are weak. Maybe Gu Yue’s strength is the reason they won?

However, his conjecture only went that far. They were just temporary allies after all.

With the mysterious disappearance of his two agility-type teammates in addition to the other two losses, Luo Guixing’s face twisted into a frown. In spite of that, he didn’t give up. He conjured up another silver vortex, but this time, it expanded from his body to repel instead of pull.

Be it Wu Siduo who rushed him from the rear or Yang Nianxia charging at him from the front, both were repelled.

Silver light exploded from Luo Guixing’s body, engulfing Xu Xiaoyan and the firebird soul master.

“We’re leaving!” he cried.

At that instant, however, the silver light around him became chaotic, the spatial energy going out of control.

This is bad!

The power of space was mysterious and terrifying. Any other element becoming chaotic wouldn’t be as dire. If a soul master lost control of any other element, they could simply run away, but escaping from chaotic space was easier said than done.

The spatial energy that was supposed to teleport them away exploded, and a rift opened up in the sky. Wave after wave of terrifying energy lashed out at Yang Nianxia and Wu Siduo.

Luo Guixing shouted defiantly, but in the next instant, the spatial rift swallowed him up.

The firebird soul master was swallowed along with him, and the chaotic space crushed and tore the two of them apart. A second later, all that remained of them were a few particles of light.

In the limbo before awakening to reality, Luo Guixing wracked his brain trying to understand how the space he always had perfect control of suddenly went into disarray at that moment.

In reality, he had been careless.

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