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Chapter333 - I'm Here to Apologize

So senior sister will be in Yuanen Yehui’s class...

The thought of Yuanen Yehui reminded Tang Wulin of the twenty thousand contribution points he had been fined, and his heart soon began to ache. If not for the exceptional circumstances, he probably would have given Xie Xie a good beating. After all, this fine came about because Xie Xie peeped on a girl! However, Tang Wulin could tell that there was something amiss with Xie Xie lately. Even though they were basically sworn brothers, there wasn’t much he could do beyond offering a few words of comfort.

In the past, Tang Wulin had a fairly good relationship with Yuanen. However, now that Yuanen became Yuanen Yehui, and after the recent incident, he was afraid it wouldn’t be easy to repair their relationship. The entire incident had been Xie Xie’s fault, and Tang Wulin had taken action without completely understanding the situation. He resolved to find her and apologize when he got back.

Mu Xi escorted Tang Wulin to the entrance of the building. “I’m going to campus to report tomorrow. I’ll give you a call once I get there.”

“Okay,” Tang Wulin replied. Senior sister, there’s a lot of freedom at Shrek. Since you’re a fourth-rank blacksmith, you’ll definitely be very popular!”

Mu Xi snorted. “What’s so great about being a fourth-rank blacksmith? You’re already at the fifth rank. Who knows when I’ll finally catch up to you.”

Tang Wulin gave her a wry smile. “What’s your soul power rank at now, senior sister?”

“Rank 38,” she answered.

“Wow! You’re almost at rank 40! I’ll probably get to rank 30 around the time you reach rank 40. When that happens, let’s try spirit refining together. Senior sister, have you decided to become a battle armor master?”

Mu Xi paused for a moment, staring at him blankly. “I haven’t thought about that before. I’ve only ever wanted to be a great blacksmith.”

“I think you should work toward becoming a battle armor master like me!” Tang Wulin exclaimed. “Shrek is a place where geniuses grow and prosper—not taking advantage of it would be a waste. Becoming a battle armor master is the requirement for graduating from the outer court anyway. Making battle armor will definitely help us a lot. It’ll make us more powerful, aid in our cultivation, and will also improve our blacksmithing skills. With it boosting our cultivation, we will be capable of higher-level blacksmithing even sooner. We’ll be doing half the work for double the results!”

Mu Xi mulled it over. Although her soul power rank was higher than Tang Wulin’s, she was seventeen years old this year. She couldn't be considered anything great in Shrek Academy. In fact, she was a bit below average.

“What you’re saying does make some sense, but can I really do it?”

“If you’re determined, nothing’s impossible. Let’s do our best, senior sister!”

“Mn. Alright.”

As Mu Xi watched Tang Wulin’s departing figure, she subconscio

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