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Chapter335 - The Class President is Absent!

Shivers ran down Tang Wulin’s spine as the freezing sensation entered his body. He willed his dantian to spin even faster, its speed quickly increasing by threefold. As he continued to circulate Feng Wuyu’s warm energy through his body, the chilling liquid he consumed no longer seemed as harsh and the explosion of cold slowed.

Energy flooded Tang Wulin’s meridians once more. Fortunately, they were tough enough to withstand it. After forty-nine circulation cycles, his meridians, bones, and viscera formed a protective outer layer that staunchly resisted the cold.

The freezing onslaught lasted a mere few moments before fading away, absorbed by his spinning dantian. As it entered his dantian, the cold energy gradually merged with the swirling soul power inside.

Tang Wulin broke through to rank 29 in an instant, and yet his soul power showed no signs of stopping its ascension.

“Continue circulating,” Feng Wuyu commanded, removing his hands from Tang Wulin’s back. The warm energy faded from Tang Wulin’s body, but he had already learned how to deal with the cold energy. He continued to use the Mysterious Heaven Method to absorb it and rapidly increase his soul power.

Feng Wuyu stood up and stared at Tang Wulin, his eyes narrowed slightly. This kid’s body is extremely strange!

Each time a soul master reached the next rank, soul power would saturate their body and increase their strength. This was especially true for major milestones like fusing with a new soul ring. Soul rings allowed a soul master to improve on a fundamental level, refining both body and mind. The exact amount of growth a soul master experienced depended on their martial soul.

Tang Wulin’s body, however, experienced improvements far beyond that which a two-ringed soul master would. In preparation for ingesting the spirit items he had, Feng Wuyu had spared some of his inner energy to warm Tang Wulin’s meridians.

Yet Tang Wulin’s body exceeded his expectations. The boy’s meridians were as tough as a six-ringed soul master’s.

In other words, Tang Wulin would have easily been able to digest the spirit item even without Feng Wuyu’s help. However, just to be sure, Feng Wuyu had helped Tang Wulin complete forty-nine circulation cycles to warm up his meridians, and Tang Wulin’s meridians had devoured all the warm energy without a fuss.

This kid is a real freak! His blood essence is so potent and powerful that not even an adult power-type soul master could match him! No wonder he made it into Shrek with only two rings… and was able to become the class president.

Wu Zhangkong stood behind the lectern of the first grade’s classroom. Today was his third and final lecture on the basics of mechas. Shrek Academy progressed through its curriculum at breakneck speed. All the students had to be diligent. They needed to do their homework and finish their readings every day to keep up. If they di

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