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"Someone's here to see me?" Tang Wulin was rather perplexed to see this.

"It's a middle-aged man who looks to be in his forties, and he's... not all that great to look at," Yang Nianxia replied with a peculiar expression.

"Alright, thanks for informing me of that; where is he right now?" Tang Wulin asked.

"I took him to the conference room. There's something kind of off about him; I can't detect his exact cultivation rank," Yang Nianxia said.

"Oh?" Yang Nianxia was already very close to the Soul Douluo level, so for him to be unable to detect the visitor's cultivation rank indicated that there was a very good chance that this man was at least a Titled Douluo. Who could it be?

In any case, this was Shrek Academy so he had nothing to worry about. Thus, Tang Wulin went to the conference room in the academy's main school building.

As soon as caught sight of the man in the conference room, he was immediately rooted to the spot. Never did he think that it would be this man who had come to see him.

"Tong Yu? Why are you here?"

The man sitting in the conference room had a layer of fine five-colored scales all over his face, and Yang Nianxia's description of his appearance had been very flattering. The man had already sensed Tang Wulin's arrival, and he stood up as soon as Tang Wulin entered the room.

"I had no choice but to come! I came here to ask you something."

The man was none other than Qilin Douluo Tongyu, whom Tang Wulin had faced in one of the matches of the Trial of Five Gods.

Never did Tang Wulin think that he would meet this man again.

Tong Yu was looking rather exhausted, and this clearly wasn't normal for a Limit Douluo like him.

"Please take a seat, and feel free to ask me anything you'd like." Tang Wulin hurriedly invited Tong Yu to take a seat before also sitting down himself. He was very curious about why Tong Yue had come to see him.

Tong Yu was a Limit Douluo with a tragic past, and in order to atone for his past sins, he had been willing to accumulate all of his power into a Five-elemental Qilin Bead to be given to the victim's son. However, Tang Wulin had stopped him, while Yali had saved his life.

Wasn't he supposed to be searching for the son of his past lover?

Just as these thoughts were running through Tang Wulin's mind, Tongyu asked him a question that completely rooted him to the spot. "Is your father's name Tang Ziran?"

Tang Wulin immediately sat bolt upright upon hearing this, and a wary look appeared in his eyes. "Why do you ask?"

A wry smile appeared on Tong Yu's face. "I bear no ill will; I just want to know if your father's name is Tang Ziran."

Tang Wulin's brows furrowed slightly as he replied, "That's right."

Tong Yu suddenly slapped a hand to his own forehead, and tears immediately welled up in his eyes. "Why must fate be so cruel!"

Tang Wulin was rather perplexed to see this, but an astonishing thought then slowly occurred to him, an

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