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Chapter 420 - Running

It took around an hour to reach Heaven Dou City. It was the first time Tang Wulin rode a mecha.

Standard issue military mechas were yellow-grade. They required a lot of skill to pilot and could be powered by both electricity and soul power. All the controls were manual, and the mecha utilize spirit souls in a simple manner.

The mechas stood at twelve meters tall. Their cockpits were large enough to fit two people and were quite snug, with the pilot’s entire body firmly fastened inside. All movements by the pilot corresponded with how the mecha moved. The greatest mecha pilots could even maneuver their mecha as nimbly as a human, but this was very demanding on the pilot’s skills and physical body.

Twelve yellow-grade mechas participated in the rescue operation. However, they had never expected the situation to already be resolved when they arrived.

There were ten terrorists. Eight were dead, while the rest severely injured. Not a single bomb had gone off. Despite that, there were over a hundred civilian casualties. The third carriage was a scene of a bloody carnage where even even the elderly and children could be found dead in pools of blood. Those terrorists had been absolutely ruthless.

During the hijacking, the security captain had sacrificed himself, while Mo Lan was gravely injured in an attempt to save everyone. Tales of their fearless acts spread like wildfire throughout Heaven Dou City. As for Tang Wulin, his actions to save everyone instantly elevated him to hero status.

Tang Wulin quietly slipped away from the train station when he overheard some staff members gossiping that the city officials wanted to award him with a medal of honor. He had no choice but to run. Time was still ticking on his exam! He could only imagine how long and tedious the award ceremony would be.

In truth, Tang Wulin didn’t feel proud of his achievements at all. The security captain still died, and Mo Lan was in a serious condition. It was the first time he encountered such sinister people. The terrorists were vile and regarded human life like it was grass.

Tang Wulin left the station with a heavy heart. However, he soon realized that his pockets were much lighter than his heart.

Mo Lan had given him twenty thousand Federal credits and had said she would get him a one-month pass once they arrived in Heaven Dou City, but she was currently in critical care in the hospital. She was in no position to help him find an opponent in Heaven Dou City either. Tang Wulin gained nothing from staying.

“I really can’t count on anything going according to plan!” Tang Wulin lamented.

What do I do now? I have to be decide quickly!Tang Wulin quickly thought things over, before gritting his teeth and hailed a taxi to the local Blacksmith’s Association branch.

If he spent frugally, he might survive the entire exam with just twenty thousand credits. . However, Tang Wulin’s stomach posed a problem! Twenty thous

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