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Chapter 441 - Yan Feng and Sky Ice

He’s handsome. And he’s a teacher at Shrek Academy! He couldn’t be any more perfect!

“Shrek Academy? Amazing!” Yan Feng suddenly batted her eyelashes at Wu Zhangkong. “Years ago, I really wanted to be a student there, and I even took the exams! But as you can see, I didn’t make it in. It’s a pity I didn’t, I might have been able to study under you.”

“No,” Wu Zhangkong said. “When you were still in school, I was a student as well. You’re not young enough to be my student.”

“Jeez!” Yan Feng pouted. “Is that how you always talk to a girl? Don’t you know how to make small talk?”

Wu Zhangkong didn’t utter another word. He simply ate in silence.

This guy!Yan Feng pursed her lips and glared at him, but after a while, she couldn’t bear the silence. “Since you’re a teacher at Shrek Academy, you should be a battle armor master, right? Are you a one-word or two-word battle armor master?”

“Two-word,” Wu Zhangkong answered.

Yan Feng’s eyes went wide.He’s only thirty-three and he’s a two-word battle armor master! He’s incredible! No wonder I couldn’t tell how strong he was.

“Oh,” she responded, trying to come off as nonchalant. “I just became a one-word battle armor master myself. For my first word, I chose ‘Phoenix.’ To tell you the truth, it isn’t a great fit for me. My martial soul is the fire gourd, and battle armor is usually named after a soul master’s a martial soul or spirit soul. But I couldn’t have possibly used ‘Gourd’, so instead I used the meaning of my own name. What about you? What did you name your armor?”

“Sky Ice.”

“Oh! That’s so cool!” Yan Feng exclaimed. “Why did you pick that? Is it because you have an ice-attribute martial soul?”

Wu Zhangkong finally looked up from his food and looked her straight in the eye. “‘Sky’ is the first part of my martial soul. ‘Ice’ comes from the meaning of my wife’s name. Don’t talk while eating. Just eat.”

His wife?Yan Feng was dumbstruck.He has a wife!Of course he has a wife! There’s no way a man as great as him wouldn’t!

A feeling of loss hit her like a truck, and her appetite disappeared.

The two ate in silence. Wu Zhangkong didn’t eat much, and he ate as slowly as ever, his mind wandering off to another time.

“Wow! Zhangkong, those candied yellow vegetables were amazing! The eggs were so delicious too! I can’t imagine how he cooked them so well. Just you wait. I’ll go learn how to make them and then cook the for you too, okay?”

“Hey, leave some tofu for me too! I heard tofu is good for the skin. My skin might be nicer than yours, but I still have to put in the effort!”

“These fishy stir-fried pork strips are delicious! Do you think I should eat another half-bowl of rice? I won’t get fat, right?”

“You dummy! Look at you. You have some rice stuck to your face. I’m not gonna kiss you while you’re like that. Ah! Don’t rub it on me!”

By the time Wu Zhangkong and Yan Feng finished eat

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