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Chapter 448 - Starlight Burst

Li Yaoyao’s martial soul was in fact a meteor, and her attack was the embodiment of power. By relying on the jets of flame shooting from her back, she could mimic flight, propelling herself to high altitudes and crashing into her target upon freefall. Her assemblage of soul skills revolved around empowering this method of attack.

With her four rings, a full power assault carried the force of over three tons! Even if she somehow missed, there was nothing to stop her from trying again. Coupled with the defensive strength of a meteor, this proved to be a terrifying combo. With her ability to change targets mid flight, she was their team’s trump card, her presence enough to suppress the entire battlefield.

However, adjusting her flight path toward Tang Wulin would have been unnecessary. He had not attempted to dodge.

In their explosive collision, both stood their ground, neither gaining an inch on the other.

How is this possible?Li Zhilong dashed over to the side, prepared to intervene at a moment’s notice. No matter which side lost, he had to be ready to save them. His eyes went wide at the conclusion of the clash.

Cracks lined the area of impact. They rapidly spread to every corner of the meteor, and a blink later, the meteor shattered into a thousand smithereens.

Li Yaoyao groaned as she crawled out of the debris. Before she could escape, a strand of bluesilver grass shot out in her direction, wrapping around her body.

Her complexion pale, she trembled uncontrollably from pain. However, the trembles of her heart were far stronger than those of her body.

How did he do that? He stopped my full-power attack with a single punch!

Tang Wulin shook his right arm in an attempt to alleviate its numbness.That was a pretty strong attack!

Indeed, for Tang Wulin, her attack was only ‘pretty strong’.

Of the Skyorder Star Ocean Academy team, Li Yaoyao was the second person to be eliminated!

Tang Wulin raised his head and looked toward Ye Xinglan’s battle. She descended with her third soul skill, Starfall Sword. In this observatory filled with stars, she streaked across the air like a comet. The strongest attack Tang Wulin had ever witnessed her unleashing.

Stellar energy really is useful, especially for us.

Xiao Tiantian put on a grim expression as his fourth soul ring lit up. Darkness obscured his face, leaving only a pair of crimson eyes piercing through the shadows. Inky black flames blazed around him. He drew circles in the air with his hands, gathering darkness into something reminiscent of a whirlpool.

Ye Xinglan charged forth into the dark rotating mass with Starfall Sword. Her whole form was swallowed by the darkness. For a moment, it trembled. Then, it collapsed. When the light and darkness settled down, both Ye Xinglan and Xiao Tiantian were nowhere in sight.

Tang Wulin gaped.What happened? Did they teleport? Wait, no! There weren’t any spatial fluctuati

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