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Chapter 440 - Take Me Out for Lunch!

“You need to show sincerity when you apologize,” Yan Feng said, twirling a finger through her hair. “At the very least, you need to take me out for lunch.”

The moment the words left her mouth, her face glowed a bright red. But she couldn’t back down! She was in her twenties now, but because she had focused on cultivating, she never once had a boyfriend. She believed that love at first sight was just something out of a fairy tale, but that changed when she met Wu Zhangkong. He was simply too handsome! Even if he had some sort of baggage, that didn’t matter. To her, his good looks would make up for anything!

“Fine.” Wu Zhangkong nodded. “What do you want to eat?”

Yan Feng lit up. “You decide!”

Wu Zhangkong pondered for a moment before saying, “Okay. Follow me.” Then he turned and walked away.

He’s even handsome from behind!Yan Feng patted her chest to calm herself down, then chased after him with a blushing face.Those kids aren’t that bad. They couldn’t possibly be bad kids with such a handsome man for a teacher! I guess I just have to forgive them.

Wu Zhangkong walked at a steady pace, neither slow nor fast. Yan Feng followed just behind him, utterly captivated by her view of him from behind. She was committing every detail to memory. Her eyes never left him!

Wu Zhangkong was truly eye-catching. As he walked down the street, he drew the gazes of all the nearby women, no matter their age.

As a Soul King, Yan Feng possessed exceptional hearing. She could hear the murmurs of smitten women praising Wu Zhangkong. They were echoing the countless thoughts that Yan Feng already had in the past few minutes.

Soon enough, the two turned a corner into an alley and reached a small restaurant. The front of the restaurant was no more than four meters wide. Peering inside through the window, Yan Feng only saw four tables. Noon had nearly arrived, and she could smell a fragrant aroma wafting out from the restaurant.

Wu Zhangkong silently stood at the door, his mind wandering off in a daze. Yan Feng could see the ice in his eyes thaw, revealing a tenderness that made her heart skip a beat.

A plump, short-haired man in his fifties opened the door and exclaimed, “Zhangkong! You’re back! Hurry up and come in.” He hugged Wu Zhangkong then beckoned him inward.

If Tang Wulin had been present, his jaw would have dropped. Wu Zhangkong was actually quite the clean freak, yet he didn’t mind this man hugging him. In fact, he looked at the man warmly, nodded, then entered. Yan Feng followed closely behind him.

The restaurant was just as tiny on the inside as it had looked from the outside. It was a bit dirty and had flies darting around the place. If any other man had brought Yan Feng here, she would have given him zero points. The place was simply too crude. But since Wu Zhangkong was the one who brought her here, she simply thought the place had character! She figured that a handso

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