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Chapter 445 - Astronomical Observatory

Li Zhilong smiled at Tang Wulin, a hint warmth in his eyes. “You can stargaze if you want. Just wait a moment. Our observatory has a little something special. Be it day or night, we can bring the stars closer to us for closer viewing. This observatory is actually a giant soul machine that gathers starlight out in space. Then it beams it back down to us as pure stellar energy. That energy is really beneficial to our students’ cultivation, but entry is limited to the most talented. Normally, only the graduate students can cultivate here and use the stellar energy to refine their body and battle armor.”

Astonishment colored Tang Wulin’s face. He hadn’t expected Skyorder Star Ocean Academy to have such an exceptional cultivation space.It looks like this match is going to be a tough one! Wait, did he say stellar energy? From starlight?

Tang Wulin snuck a peek at Xu Xiaoyan. Her face was blank.

“You’ll be able to experience it for yourselves in a moment. Your opponents will be here shortly.”

The walls of the observatory stood thirty meters tall, giving way to the vast expanse of sky above. Straining his eyes, Tang Wulin could make out various lines criss-crossing through the walls to form some sort of design. Recalling Li Zhilong’s explanation, he came to the conclusion that these were soul circuits, and they hid a tremendous amount of energy within them.

Soul circuits had been in use for ten thousand years and counting, and after all these years of development, their designs and engineering grew in complexity and grandeur. There were circuits for every function. One of the major consumers of large scale soul circuits was the military, who used it for their national defense facilities.

The circuitry used in this observatory was the largest and most advanced Tang Wulin had ever seen. Still, he believed in the fact that Shrek Academy had something similar, despite not being completely certain. It was Shrek Academy after all!

Amidst Tang Wulin’s musings, a group of people entered the hall. They were fitted in black uniforms with stars embroidered, the signature look of Skyorder Star Ocean Academy. Each star symbolized a soul power rank. The color of the stars were also significant: silver for undergraduate students and gold for graduate students.

The group that had entered consisted of four boys and two girls, each sporting silver stars on their uniforms, their ages ranging from eighteen to twenty. They cast curious looks at Tang Wulin’s party as they had walked in.

Tang Wulin swept his gaze over them and instantly discerned their strength.

The strongest one had forty-six stars, and of the others, none had less than forty. They ticked all the right boxes for adequate opponents in the eyes of Tang Wulin’s team.

As students of Shrek Academy, facing opponents a ring-level higher than them was nothing. However, Tang Wulin was wary of the arena itself. Li Zhilong wouldn’t

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