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Chapter 432 - Assault

Tang Wulin cracked a bitter smile, drawing his limbs closer to his body in a show of submission. “I’m sorry, uncle enforcement officer, I made a mistake. Please don’t bring me in. I promise I won’t do this ever again!”

Ye Xinglan was splitting her sides with laughter.This guy…

The enforcement officer snorted. “The Spirit Pagoda’s rules are strict and you will not get any special treatment. Come with me. Don’t worry. You just have to explain your story properly and have your teacher come get you. Your punishment won’t be too harsh.”

Tang Wulin looked up and flashed his large doe eyes. “How much is not ‘too harsh’?”

The enforcement officer was growing impatient. “At best, you’ll just be fined.”

“Fined?” Tang Wulin’s voice rose an octave. “I have no money, but I do have my life! Money is my life! You can get it over my dead body!” Tang Wulin turned tail and sprinted away, his shouts trailing after him like an old robe.

At the sight of tang Wulin’s fleeing figure, the enforcement officer in the purple mecha grunted in surprise at.Don’t kids his age usually look up to mecha pilots? Why’s he so disobedient?

He chased after Tang Wulin a split second later. Rules were rules. He couldn’t let Tang Wulin escape.

However, he was separated from his two patrolmates by doing so.

Without exchanging a word, the rest of Tang Wulin’s team striked.

Ye Xinglan pounced like a cheetah, a yellow mecha serving as her prey. The surrounding air crackled with a scorching heat while Gu Yue conjured an enormous fireball. With a snap it ripped through the air toward the other yellow mecha. Meanwhile, Xie Xie slunk into the unseen world, his own brand of invisibility. In one fluid motion, Xu Xiaoyan raised her ice staff and a spear of ice materialized in the air.

With their attention still focused on their leader, the mecha pilots failed to react to the attacks.

The first to reach them was Ye Xinglan. Her Stargod Sword shined resplendently as she brandished it and used her first soul skill, Sword God’s Star. In that instant, she became one with her sword.

In terms of soul power, Ye Xinglan was the strongest in their team, on the verge of obtaining her fourth soul ring. She was swifter than an agility-type like Xie Xie. Moreover, she was a powerhouse when it came to combat strength. Even Yue Zhengyu felt apprehensive facing her. The second she unleashed her strength, the yellow mecha’s fate had already been sealed.

The mecha could barely raise an arm to block her attack. A metallic screech filled the air upon impact, waves of starlight bursting bright and blinding. It shoved back the mecha’s arm, dense and pulsing with soul power.

Ye Xinglan pushed off against the earth with her feet as her third soul ring lit up, cool air making way for her mobile body. This was her most powerful attack. Deadly might gathered into her sword and her soul power flared. She could hear the alarm blare in the dis

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