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Chapter 414 - Loan

The aura around Ye Xinglan intensified, her eyes twinkling brightly, sword in her hand. The second grade boy felt his entire body tense up as he summoned his own martial soul in response. Three soul rings rose from beneath him, a match for Ye Xinglan’s own!

Battle? There’s no way I can beat her!He had witnessed the match between the first and second grades, which led to the first grade becoming renowned as the strongest class of new students in the last century. None of the five rankers in the first grade had joined the battle, yet the first grade had won! It was widely known that Ye Xinglan was one of the pillars of that team. She had single handedly taken on Yue Zhengyu, He Xiaopeng, and Ye Xingmo after all! The boy knew that she was out of his league.

“Aren’t you guys afraid of being punished by the Academy?” the boy asked meekly as he retreated a step.

“We’ll deal with that when we get back,” Ye Xinglan tapped her foot impatiently. “Besides, this is just a loan. A fifteen day loan! And we’ll even pay you back double when we get back.”

She took in a deep breath and raised her sword, resplendent starlight gathering around it. She didn’t want to waste anymore time. One hundred thousand credits would be enough to cover all of their travel and food expenses.

“Fine! I’ll give it to you!” the boy shouted in despair.

“Wait a minute,” someone said from behind him.

The boy looked back to see Xu Lizhi holding some buns in his hands, his fat jiggling as he jogged over to the second grade boy. “Senior Brother, if you eat one of my buns, you might not necessarily lose to them! My Bloodthirst Bean Bun is very potent. It can boost your strength by thirty percent. You don’t have to defeat them. You just have to get past them! Do you think they would dare act so arrogantly once you’re on school grounds?”

The boy looked at Xu Lizhi suspiciously. “If I remember correctly, weren’t all three of you on the same team?”

Xu Lizhi stuck out his chest indignantly. “No way. We’re not a team right now. Everyone in the first grade is busy with our first semester’s final exam. We might get expelled if we perform badly, so we’re all rivals here.”

The boy’s heart began to race. He was an agility-type soul master, so he felt quite confident that he could breakthrough if his power were boosted by thirty percent. Furthermore, neither of the two girls were agility-types.

“Alright. I’ll give it a try. Give me a bean bun and a soup bun. How much are they?”

“The Bloodthirst Bean Bun is thirty thousand credits and the Agility Soup Bun is ten thousand,” Xu Lizhi answered.

“How is that offer any better? You’re just trying to rob me too!” The boy rolled his eyes.

Xu Lizhi looked him straight in the eye. “You would save sixty thousand credits.”

“Fine! But I get a refund if the buns don’t work!” The boy looked back at Ye Xinglan as if she were a devil. He paid Xu Lizhi and immediately threw the bun in his

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