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Chapter 427 - Ruby Shrimp

When Zhen Hua returned to his personal dining hall, his expression was already back to normal.

Tang Wulin stood up straight from his seat at the sound of the door opening.“Uncle-master,” he said.

Zhen Hua waved for him to sit back down. “Are you done eating?”

“Yes, I ate.”

“Alright. That’s good,” Zhen Hua said. “I just called your master to tell him you came over. He told me to take good care of you. I’ve also arranged an opponent for you. They’ll be waiting for you in the Blacksmith’s Association’s sealed space. I’ll record the match so you can use it as proof.”

“Thank you, Uncle-master,” Tang Wulin said. After eating the moonlight rice and dragon tendon, he felt his body swell with warmth. His blood essence bubbled within him, and his mind was sharp as a blade. He was in peak condition.

“No need to thank me. You’re my junior so this is only natural. So you’re a student at Shrek Academy with three soul rings, right? Do you have any plans for the future?” Zhen Hua asked.

Without skipping a beat, Tang Wulin replied, “I want to become a battle armor master!”

Zhen Hua cracked a smile. “How ambitious. You know, I forged most of the metals used to make the battle armors at Shrek Academy. Next time I visit, how about I find you and give you some pointers?”

“Yes, please! That would be awesome!” Tang Wulin could hardly contain himself with excitement. Not when a Divine Blacksmith had agreed to afford him guidance!

“It’s settled then. Give me your number and I’ll call you next time I’m in town.”

Zhen Hua was a man of determination who reached the peak in his field! There had been more to his call with Mu Chen than just as an avenue to vent his frustration. In fact, underneath the many layers of subtext and his own personal brand of care, he was also telling Mu Chen that there was no use in hiding Tang Wulin anymore. Mu Chen may be able to teach Tang Wulin soul refining, but teaching him how to heavenly refine was a different story. That was where Zhen Hua came in. When that time came, things would be much easier for Tang Wulin under a Divine Blacksmith’s watchful eye.

Therefore, Zhen Hua’s current plan was to develop a good relationship with Tang Wulin, whom he had taken quite the liking to. Tang Wulin might be greedy, but greed was good motivation for a blacksmith! As long as Tang Wulin put in the work as a blacksmith, he would drown in money later on.

At that moment, the kitchen door swung open, the chef carrying a platter as he passed through the doorway.

Before the chef arrived at the dining table, Tang Wulin could already smell the tantalizing aroma wafting over from the platter. His eyes widened, mouth instantly watering. It was as if a wave of deliciousness had assaulted his nose. The strong aroma roused his blood essence far more than the previous dishes.

What dish is it?

The platter was half a meter in diameter. Six humongous shrimps lay plump on its s

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