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Chapter 424 - Shocking the Divine Blacksmith

A thunderous crash shook the room. A spray of powder burst from the heavy silver. This was proof of the tremor effect at work! It could vibrate impurities out of a metal!

Although the result was simple, this wasn’t something that just anybody could do. In order to bring out the full potential of this effect, a blacksmith needed to possess overwhelming strength, a firm foundation of soul power, immense spiritual power, and a deep understanding of the metal they were forging. If the blacksmith did not fulfill even one of these requirements, it would be impossible for them to use tremor effectively. In fact, the tremor effect could even become a disadvantage.

And Tang Wulin’s second strike used it to his advantage. A third strike followed, then a fourth, and then a fifth. Three seconds separated each one.

As he watched the boy in front of him forge away, Zhen Hua’s amicable smile gradually grew concerned. A trace of doubt flickered in his eyes.

Tang Wulin continued hammering, and soon enough, his seventh strike landed. The heavy silver trembled, and in a flash of light, the impurities were separated. It was hundred refined!

It only took him seven strikes to hundred refine the heavy silver!Zhen Hua straightened his back slightly, and the more knowledgeable blacksmiths in the audience gaped. As a Divine Blacksmith, Zhen Hua could easily hundred refine a piece of metal with a single strike.

A child in his teens had done it in seven!

It was then that Tang Wulin finally moved his right hand. He pressed a button to reveal the star iron, which had just finished calcining, and struck down with his right hammer. The blow sent tremors through the star iron.

H-he’s dual forging!The clerk who led Tang Wulin here was already speechless. He couldn’t have possibly imagined that a teenage boy like Tang Wulin could be so skilled!This child is actually dual forging! And he’s dual forging two different metals at that! Even if he’s just hundred refining them, that’s a feat only a third or fourth-rank blacksmith would be capable of!

Both of Tang Wulin’s hammers crashed down, forging both the heavy silver and the star iron simultaneously. Every strike shook the hearts of the spectating blacksmiths.

Blow after blow thundered throughout the hall, and Tang Wulin’s world shrunk down to just him and the metals. He was itching to put what he just learned about alloy forging into practice. He wanted to test it out and deepen his understanding. The itch began at the back of his consciousness at first, but as he continued forging both metals, it grew in intensity until, finally, he felt as if he were about to explode.

Everyone stared in shock as Tang Wulin hammered the metals with unbelievable might. Another droning hum, a fraction different in pitch, soon filled the hall to overlap with the first. Two lights shot into the air, one a resplendent silver, and the other a coalescence of co

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