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Chapter 421 - Emissary of Pestilence

A man emerged from the shadows. He was shrouded in a pitch-black cloak and held a scepter in his right hand. The instant Mo Wu laid eyes on this man, his back went cold with sweat. A sinister air gathered in the room.

“I was looking for the kid who foiled our plans, but I never expected to run into an administrator and one of you loathsome Shrek people. I might as well kill you while I’m here and take the administrator with me.”

Soul rings rose from beneath the man. However, unlike the usual away soul rings would appear, his materialized in an eerie green mist. He had six soul rings, two yellow, two purple, and two black. The mist spread to surround him.

A chill went down Wu Zhangkong’s spine, and he pushed Mo Wu behind him. “An evil soul master!”

Mo Wu didn’t try to flee. As a government official, his willpower had to be strong. He also understood that the safest place he could be right now was beside this teacher from Shrek Academy. Running would be useless, and if Wu Zhangkong couldn’t defeat this evil soul master, then his fate was sealed.

“You may call me the Emissary of Pestilence.” The man raised his scepter, his soul rings lighting up. Green mist poured out of it and began to fill the entire room.

Wu Zhangkong snorted. A freezing aura exploded from him as soul rings appeared from beneath his feet. A total of seven appeared, two yellow, two purple, and three black. The Skyfrost Sword manifested in his hand and he slashed at the air, sending a sword beam straight for his opponent’s stomach.

The emissary trembled in shock at the sight of Wu Zhangkong’s soul rings, but he didn’t leave himself unprotected. He pointed his scepter forward. The green gem at the tip of the scepter shined as it met the sword beam.

A crisp note could be heard as sword beam met scepter. The beam split into countless threads of ice. It was Frost Scar!

After gaining his seventh soul ring and becoming a Soul Sage, Wu Zhangkong had grown far stronger than before. In the past half a year, apart from teaching, all he had done was cultivate. He had progressed by leaps and bounds.

Wu Zhangkong’s frigid aura slowed the Emissary of Pestilence’s movements, and a storm of Frost Scars quickly enveloped him.

“Excellent!” the Emissary of Pestilence howled. He dropped to one knee, and a green light exploded from his body. The light expanded like a gas, pushing back Wu Zhangkong’s frigid aura.

If Wu Zhangkong had been alone, he would have been able to just use his soul power to protect himself and charged in. However, Mo Wu was there! Mo Wu would die in an instant if he were exposed to the poison mist of a six-ringed soul master. Wu Zhangkong had to protect him.

Icy determination flashed in Wu Zhangkong’s eyes. He burst into action, and kicked at a wall, breaking it down in one strike. He grabbed hold of Mo Wu, hoisted him in his left arm, and leaped into the air. With his free hand, he bra

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