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Chapter 429 - True Strength

Shooting a golden vine at the ground, Tang Wulin bounced upward using it as a spring.. His sudden acceleration brought him in front of Xie Yinling in a flash.

Not good!Xie Yinling was a bit slow to react. He pushed his hands forward as soon as he snapped free of surprise, stopping his ascent. His wings took on a sharp metallic shine as he brandished them and used Eagle Wing Slash! The wings came slicing down on Tang Wulin’s shoulder. At the same time, Xie Yinling circulated his soul power within his body to keep him afloat in the air.

Eagle Wing Slash was his second soul skill. Yet, he didn’t dare underestimate Tang Wulin, his third soul ring lighting up as a result. His third soul skill was linked with his fourth, and eclipsed soul skills of the same level in aerial combat. As such, he was convinced after blocking Tang Wulin’s charge victory would swiftly follow.

However, his plans were dashed in an instant.

Tang Wulin scrunched up his body in mid-air as the wings bore down on him, hands shooting out to deflect the attack. He stared Xie Yinling straight in the eye, his irises flashing purple. Bluesilver grass sprang out of the ground and curled around Xie Yinling like an iron chain. With his opponent restrained, Tang Wulin whipped out his right fist for a powerful knockout punch.

Although Xie Yinling was restrained, his arms were still still mobile, extended in front of him in an effort to meet Tang Wulin’s attack. Unable to use his third soul skill in his current position, he had no choice but to divert Tang Wulin first!

Tang Wulin didn’t withdraw his fist as those two arms chopped down. His fist continued its trajectory, swift and brisk, easily evading Xie Yinling’s parry. In that hairbreadth of a moment, golden scales glimmered, popping into existence on his arm.

Xie Yinling was stunned at the sight of the transformation. The golden claw reached his chest in an instant.

I’m finished!

His mind went blank. But rather than the scalding pain of claw tearing through flesh, he felt a more subtle sensation. The claw lightly bumped him and disrupted his internal soul power circulation. Then Tang Wulin grabbed the bluesilver grass binding him and yanked, throwing him against the ground like a rag doll, the earth crackling beneath him upon impact.

Tang Wulin landed next to Xie Yinling and released him from his restraints then took two steps back. “Excuse me.”

Xie Yinling was speechless.

I didn’t even get a chance to fight!He was frustrated by how helpless he had been throughout the entire battle. He had only been able to use one soul skill before losing, the battle having ended too quickly. It pained him to swallow the bitter pill of reality. He had lost. Admitting it wasn’t easy, especially since he hadn’t been able to work out Tang Wulin’s martial soul.

Zhen Hua had stood by, watching from a distance with cold detachment. Even for him, the battle had ended too quick

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