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Chapter 434 - Losing Face

In a conference room located near the top of the Heaven Dou Spirit Pagoda, over a dozen high-level executives sat glued to a large screen, some sporting a few patches of grey hair and others more advanced in their years. On screen played a recording of a battle between six children and three mechas. The video had high resolution and crisp audio, courtesy of the mechas’ recording devices.

“We’re enforcers sent by Headquarters to evaluate the ability of the local enforcers to adapt to new situations. You have been disappointing. Just because we’re young children, you underestimated us and neglected to consider the possibility that we were hostile. Do I need to remind you that evil soul masters launched a terrorist attack not too long ago? Those evil soul masters excel at disguising themselves. If you’re all so lax, then what would you do when danger really comes? We’re just here to keep you all on your toes. Go back and reflect on this, then write a report to headquarters. Understood?”

Once the leader of the band of children delivered these words, he went calmly on his way. Not once did he glance back. Doubtful expressions flickered across the faces of everyone present.

“Pagoda Master, does the enforcement department of Headquarters have jurisdiction over us? Isn’t that the job of the supervisory department?” asked a middle-aged man, his eyes on the elderly man at the head of the table. “Isn’t what he said wrong?”

The elder snorted. “Forget about these kids’ backgrounds for now. Let me ask you, were their words not correct? How is our enforcement department so lax that they can’t even deal with kids? There was a terrorist attack just earlier today! And according to a reliable source, an evil soul master attacked the train station afterward! I’ve already dispatched some people for an internal investigation. If our enforcement department’s standard has really dropped so low, then everyone there can just forget about their paycheque!”

The entire room lost their tongues at such a display of fury.

“Raise the enforcement department’s alert level to orange. We’ll use the internal investigation to examine the state of affairs. Now that I think about it, it’s not enough for just those three pilots to write reports. Have everyone in the enforcement department write one as well. And double their training.”

“Understood!” The meeting adjourned and the heavy atmosphere in the room lifted as everyone shuffled out. Everyone but the Pagoda Master and a middle-aged man.

“Has the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo said anything?” the Pagoda Master asked.

“She hasn’t said a word. It seems like she’s leaving it to our discretion and won’t intervene with our decision. Pagoda Master, should we capture those kids?”

“Do you like losing face that much? Put a hush order on this matter. Don’t let it leak out to the public.”

“Got it! Kids these days sure are daring though.”

The Pagoda Master glanced at him. “

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