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Chapter 451 - The Fierce Teacher Wu

Wu Zhangkong’s sober words brought Tang Wulin’s heart into a tremble.Teacher Wu’s not just being hard on us. He’s being hard on himself too! He’s so fierce!

That he had chosen the Imperial Sun Moon Soul Engineering Academy as their last target was starting to foster in him all sorts of regret. The responsibility of winning against them in a match weighed so heavily on his shoulders!

He peered through the window, past their teacher’s elegant and white-clad figure. Farther off into the distance where the city stood in all its gleam and glamour. Bright City was the most advanced city on the continent. It was situated in the west, the beating heart of the region. A technological marvel filled with sights that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

“I-is that a flying car? A high-altitude flying car?” Xu Xiaoyan cried out as she pointed at the sky.

Xie Xie nodded. “Yeah. Most likely. HAF cars still in the experimental phase though. Bright City is the Federation’s technological hub of the Federation after all! It looks like the project is going well!”

The traffic ahead slowed. They could see a dozen or so mechas forming a line at the highway exit.

A hint of anxiety filled Xie Xie’s eyes. “That’s not an identification checkpoint, right?”

Their hearts nearly skipped a beat at his words. Naturally, every citizen had been issued a metal identification card at birth, but theirs were confiscated for their exam!

Tang Wulin’s face lit up. It all made sense. “The Academy made Bright City the final destination, so they had to have known this! This is just a part of the exam! No wonder they took our IDs too.”

“So what do we do?” Xu Lizhi asked.

If they failed to produce their IDs at the checkpoint, they were sure to be interrogated at the very least. Tang Wulin and company were going at this blind, their first time experiencing such an inconvenient situation.

The moment Tang Wulin scanned the highway, he grinned. “Xie Xie, pull over.”

A shrill squeak of tires, and Xie Xie skillfully maneuvered the car toward the side of the highway.

“Are we abandoning the car?” Xie Xie asked. “Do you think Teacher Wu would help us with our IDs? Wasn’t he right beside us just a while ago?” But once Xie Xie looked out the window, the sheer naiveté of his words struck him.

Wu Zhangkong was nowhere to be found.

“Oh forget about it. Pretend I didn’t say anything.”

Shrugging, Tang Wulin turned to Gu Yue. He made sure to hold the rest of his team’s attention before saying, “Alright, so the plan is…”

The cars trudged forward in a neat line leading to the highway exit, which was manned by inspectors checking everyone’s IDs.

In a flash of silver, Gu Yue disappeared from their car. She reappeared a second later, tens of meters in the air directly above them. She threw out her hands. A gigantic fireball shot from her widened palms in a reverberating roar. And she once again vanis

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