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Chapter 423 - Can I Try?

“President, can I try?” Tang Wulin bubbled with excitement. The concepts Zhen Hua had introduced were already mixing with what he understood about alloy forging, but he still needed to put it all to the test. His was itching to give them a try.

Zhen Hua stared at Tang Wulin in astonishment. “You want to… try forging an alloy?”

Hushed whispers spread throughout the crowd. The clerk who had led Tang Wulin here was already pressing a hand to his face.This kid... he’s got too much courage for his own good! He’s just like a newborn calf in front of a tiger!

Tang Wulin nodded, taking a step forward. “President, may I?”

Zhen Hua smiled. “If you think you can, then sure.”

The clerk ran over Tang Wulin, squatted down, and whispered, “Kid! Stop causing trouble! Just get out of here already, the President still has many matters to attend to.”

Zhen Hua chuckled. “Just let him come. It wouldn’t be right for us to trample over a child’s passion for blacksmithing. I can tell from his eyes. His love for blacksmithing is real. Come here, child.”

Tang Wulin hadn’t even glanced at the clerk. His eyes had been glued to Zhen Hua the entire time. He ran over to Zhen Hua’s side and began speaking immediately. “I need some heavy silver, star iron, and that universal catalyst you talked about, the skymoon powder.”

“Alright. Bring him what he asked for,” Zhen Hua said, gesturing to some of his staff members. Tang Wulin surprised him. In addition to a deep-rooted passion for blacksmithing, his eyes showed unwavering confidence. Not even the tiniest bit of stage fright could be seen on his face.

The blacksmiths in the audience shared in Zhen Hua’s surprise, but to Zhen Hua, none of them had so much as a fraction of Tang Wulin’s steadiness. Someone as excited as Tang Wulin currently was would usually at least be trembling, but Tang Wulin was steady as a rock. Zhen Hua also noticed that the boy’s hands were larger than average, and his fingers moved in a steady patterns. This was a clear identifier of an experienced blacksmith, a sign of Tang Wulin’s deep understanding of blacksmithing.

Very few things could catch Zhen Hua’s attention, but now his interest was piqued. He wanted to see just how high this child could reach.

The Blacksmith’s Association did not lack any metals whatsoever. Everything Tang Wulin asked for was quickly delivered to the forging area that had been set up in the hall of the first floor.

Tang Wulin didn’t stand on ceremony and immediately got to work. He walked over to the back of the forging table and opened it up. He put two pieces of metal into it, adjusted the calcining temperature, and turned the table on.

Then he turned to Zhen Hua. “President, could I trouble you for one more thing?”

Zhen Hua smiled warmly. “What is it?”

“May I borrow your hammers?”

The entire audience went into an uproar. Borrowing another blacksmith’s hammers was rarely seen in the wo

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