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Chapter 444 - Skyorder Star Ocean Academy

As the crowd reached the height of its excitement, a few people walked out of the gates. Their leader was a tall, muscular man with short graying hair and a sharp gaze. He made his way through the crowd and quickly laid eyes on Tang Wulin’s blood essence soul ring. His surprise only lasted a moment, a brief flash across his face, but he instantly regained himself. He didn’t even break stride. Soon enough, he stood before Tang Wulin’s group.

“You kids are from Shrek Academy?” he asked, his eyes moving from the golden soul ring to meet Tang Wulin’s gaze. “Are you from the outer or inner court?”

Tang Wulin stood his ground, staring the man down in turn. “I’m the class president of the outer court’s first grade. My name is Tang Wulin.” Unlike their raids on the Spirit Pagoda, there were certain formalities that came with using the name of Shrek Academy to challenge another academy.

“Class president?” Shock was visible in the man’s eyes, even greater than when he saw the golden soul ring. “You can put away your banner now. Please come in.” The man gestured for them to follow.

Tang Wulin nodded at Xie Xie and Xu Lizhi and the two quickly put away the banner. The first and most crucial step of their plan was complete. It wouldn't do to continue provoking the people of Skyorder Star Ocean Academy at their doorstep anyway. They had to leave them some face.

“Go to class,” the man said as he swept his gaze through the crowd. “There’s nothing else to see here.” The man clearly commanded a lot of authority in their academy. At his command, students scattered like birds, rushing through the gates and off to their classes.

Tang Wulin’s group of six followed the man in. They were impressed with the campus. As expected of an academy with millennia of history, its campus was enormous. It boasted beautiful fountains, well-groomed trees and shrubs, and numerous sculptures scattered in careful design.

The man glanced back at them as he led the way. “I am Li Zhilong, the headmaster of Skyorder Star Ocean Academy. This academy has been around for millenia and is the best advanced-level soul master academy in the city. We specialize in teaching flying-type soul masters, soul engineers, and mecha pilots. We also have an excellent graduate program for prospective battle armor masters. You came here as representatives of Shrek Academy?”

The mere mention of Shrek Academy left Tang Wulin prickling with guilt, and he made the decision to tell the truth. “To be completely honest with you, Headmaster Li, we aren’t representatives of Shrek. We are only representing ourselves. The six of us are in the middle of an exam right now, and we need to fight opponents stronger than us in each city we visit. All of our IDs and uniforms were confiscated, so we had no choice but to pull that stunt at the gates. We chose to challenge Skyorder Star Ocean Academy because we believe it’s the best academy in the enti

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