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Chapter 379 - Divine Alloy

“I’m a fourth-rank mecha mechanic,” said Xu Lizhi.

“Mecha maker, fourth rank,” Ye Xinglan stated.

Tang Wulin and Gu Yue rejoiced when they heard the two’s professions.

A huge grin lit up on his face as he stared at them. “You guys are just what we needed! This is fantastic! Xie Xie, you can help Ye Xinglan and learn from her. You’ll need to improve if you want to make your own battle armor in the future. Xiaoyan, you can learn from Gu Yue.”

Xu Lizhi looked at him curiously. “So you’re a blacksmith and Gu Yue’s a designer?”

Tang Wulin nodded. “Yeah. She’s a fourth-rank designer.”

“Can you really forge alloys?” Ye Xinglan asked. Although he had filled her in that he was a fifth-rank blacksmith, and thus capable of forging alloys, she found it hard to believe. Blacksmiths were the rarest of the four main professions due to how much time it took and how difficult it was to advance. As a result, the average age of blacksmiths tended to be much higher than those of other professions in the same rank.

Tang Wulin smiled wryly. “I understand you’re skeptical, so see for yourself.” He walked over to the shelf of metals, picked out two chunks, then brought it to the forging table.

“I can only forge two-metal alloy at the moment and my success rate is thirty percent. The metals I’m currently able to forge are jade silver, spirit gold, and star silver. I’ll need you guys to decide on an alloy soon. That way, I can start working on it.”

At the sound of his words, Ye Xinglan’s eyes lit up. “You can forge jade silver?”


“I want jade silver then!” she blurted.

“I’ll have star silver,” said Xu Lizhi. Clearly, the two had already put much thought into their own battle armor.

“Great. That saves me some trouble. Also, we might all need to pitch in for the metals,” Tang Wulin said.

Ye Xinglan grunted her affirmation.

Receiving the responses he desired, Tang Wulin broke into a smile. “Alright, one jade silver coming right up.”

A minute later, the two metals needed to create the alloy were heated to a glowing red. Tang Wulin summoned his two hammers into his hands. Both arms swinging at once, he began slamming down into the metal.

It’s been several days since he started forging alloys, yet his success rate was stuck at a measly thirty percent. It was a bottleneck restricting him from taking the next step.

As Tang Wulin forged, his world shrank until all he could perceive was the glow of the metals. Even the weight of his hammers and the burn of his muscles faded away. Each of his strikes contained near-tangible focus as he vented his frustrations.

He had been putting up a brave front in the classroom. If he hadn’t been affected by the gossip and bullying, he wouldn’t have made such a provoking declaration! He was still only thirteen years old after all. He was determined to prove himself to his classmates as the legitimate class president.

As such, to s

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