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Chapter 383 - The Selection Tournament

Hushed whispers broke out in the classroom and everyone’s gazes shifted towards Tang Wulin and his companions. He was the class president, the representative of the entire first grade, yet the five rankers had joined hands to usurp him. To the Academy, this was a simple tournament. However, to Tang Wulin, the five rankers, and the rest of the first grade, the outcome of the selection tournament would determine the narrative of the class from then on.

Tang Wulin sat in the front, his face a mask of indifference. By his side, Gu Yue wore a similar expression. Neither seemed to care about the announcement at all.

Luo Guixing wore his standard polite smile. When he looked at Wu Siduo however, a silent conversation passed between them. Yang Nianxia lazed in his seat. Xu Yucheng looked gloomy like usual, as different from Luo Guixing as night and day. Zheng Yiran glared at Tang Wulin, her gaze like a predator about to devour him whole.

“Let’s go,” Shen Yi said.

“Everyone stand up!” Tang Wulin shouted. Regardless of how precarious his position was right now, he still did his duty as the class president.

The entire class of 103 students stood up and walked out in order. Everyone was bursting with excitement, eager to witness the battle between dragons and tigers. To most of the students, it didn’t matter who won. The competition to choose the class president was different as it was possible to avoid confronting powerful foes. This tournament, on the other hand, would be a direct clash between giants. Whoever won would carry the banner of their class.

Ye Xinglan followed at the back of the line, her complexion abnormally pale. She even needed Xu Lizhi’s assistance to walk steady. Yet, in comparison to her weak state, her eyes shone with excitement.

“Big Sis Xinglan, don’t go. You should rest. I can go request a leave of absence for you.” Xu Lizhi said softly.

Ye Xinglan instantly turned towards him with fire in her glare. “Fatty, don’t make us lose face for the inner court!”

Xu Lizhi was stunned. Her words stabbed at him. All he could do was smile. “Okay then.”

Shrek Academy had the most advanced sparring facilities. Students could use them by paying a fee. The main benefits of this arena were that it was isolated and prevented energy from running wild. A seven-ringed healing-type soul master was also always monitoring the facilities. The moment a participant suffered a grievous injury, staff members would extricate the person from the arena and treat their injuries. For some reason though, when the first grade class entered the facility, they only saw a single person.

A pure and elegant beauty stood on the stage, long evergreen hair flowing down her back. With a slender figure and bright complexion full of life, she seemed to be in her thirties.

Shen Yi and Wu Zhangkong quickly walked over the moment they saw her and bowed. “Your Highness.”

“Please, no need t

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