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Chapter 385 - Tang Wulin's Third Soul Skill!

The rankers had come to the conclusion after much thought that improving their teamwork was essential to defeat the second grade. This was the best way to gain the achievements necessary for entering the inner court.

The eyes of the spectating students sparkled with excitement.They’re going in for the slaughter!In their opinion, only Tang Wulin and Gu Yue stood a chance against the combined assault of Wu Siduo, Yang Nianxia, and Xu Yucheng. However, it was two against three. With combatants being eliminated once they suffered grievous injuries, they faced impossible odds..

Faced with such powerful opponents, Tang Wulin showed neither fear nor hesitation. Instead, he advanced on Yang Nianxia with calm indifference. Bluesilver grass spread out to cover a large area around him. Then his third soul ring lit up, and the grass turned into a sea of gold.

His third soul skill?

The rankers had never witnessed Tang Wulin’s third soul skill before. It was information that they couldn’t dig up since he acquired it recently. Humans naturally feared the unknown, and the rankers were no exceptions. Wu Siduo and Yang Nianxia’s footsteps faltered.Why’s he using his third soul skill already? Isn’t he afraid of exhausting himself?

While those two were taken aback, Gu Yue’s hands danced together to form complex seals. Pressing the two thumbs together, she twisted her hands in counter directions so that her fingers on her left hand pointed up, while those on her right pointed down. A wave of elemental energy gathered around her, converging into a frigid white light. The light pulsed, then rapidly shrunk until they condensed into icicles that shot towards Wu Siduo and Xu Yucheng!

A cold light flashed in Wu SIduo’s eyes. She suddenly accelerated, reaching her maximum speed in an instant!So what if you’re using your third soul skill, Tang Wulin?He was beneath someone as talented and bold as her.

In their analysis before the match, the five rankers concluded that Gu Yue was their most powerful opponent. Given enough time, her control over the elements could turn the tide of battle. Her strength truly was too frightening. Furthermore, without Gu Yue’s support, Tang Wulin would collapse shortly after. This was why they decided that Gu Yue was their main target and to eliminate her as soon as possible.

Hell Rush!Wu Siduo’s speed reached new heights even as her attack and defense power increased. Although Hell Rush was only her first soul skill, it was a powerful tool in her hands.

Xu Yuchengshot forward as well, his figure blurring and leaving countless afterimages behind him. He rested his Demon Scythe on his shoulder. Its deadly blade gleamed with a dark-purple lustor.

Wu Siduo’s and Xu Yucheng’s aura of soul power met the incoming onslaught of icicles and destroyed them with little effort. Such weak icicles couldn’t even touch them. A moment later, they penetrated through Tang Wuli

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