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Chapter 389 - Starlight Threads Draw the Finished Battle Armor

After observing each of Ye Xinglan’s steps, every slice and stab of her Stargod Sword, Tang Wulin understood the importance of being involved in the crafting process. Without doing so, one would never grasp the essence of their battle armor! Only through true comprehension could one fuse with it and bring out its full potential!

This is battle armor, my very own battle armor! Ye Xinglan, do your best!

Seven hours in, Ye Xinglan’s sword finally slowed. The circuit core carving was halfway completed. However, she didn’t have enough soul power to finish it off! Not skipping a beat, she reached out a hand to Xu Lizhi. throwing the pork bun he subsequently gave her into her mouth. Meanwhile, her sword never paused,,its magnificence never waning as it steadily released threads of starlight.

The Recovery Pork Bun replenished both her soul power and physical strength, a major boon to her. Three minutes later, she stuffed another pork bun into her mouth. For the next hour, she would eat a pork bun every three minutes or so. This was the only way she could maintain her strength to finish the carving. Yet her soul power was consumed faster than it was replenished.

To Tang Wulin’s alarm, he could see her belly swelling like a balloon. Unfortunately, not everyone’s stomach was as great at digesting as his. By now, she had eaten twenty buns, which was a far greater amount than her normal meal. The way things were progressing, it was a only a matter of time before she reached her limit. Although food created by a soul master replenished one’s energy, it was still food in the end! Eating too much would be harmful!

Ye Xinglan was in a sticky situation. Her digestion couldn’t keep up with how much she gobbled up, and the buns weren’t providing enough soul power to cover her expenditure. She would fail at crafting the battle armor at this rate.

Tang Wulin had thought such a situation might occur, so he had pulled Ye Xinglan aside beforehand with questions. But she spoke confidently for her success, not leaving any room to argue. All he could do now was believe in her.

Ye Xinglan extended her left hand once more, but this time, her fingers twitched, her limb frozen in a halfway reach before she retracted it. She couldn’t eat another bite. She had hit her limit with twenty buns. Anymore, and she feared it would disrupt her control over her Stargod Sword.

Without a supplementary source of soul power, her reserves dried up. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead, her brows scrunched in concentration as she forced herself to maintain her crafting tempo. She carved line after line into the metal without pause.

“Bean bun!” Ye Xinglan shouted.

Xu Lizhi hesitated, but used his third soul skill in the end, calling forth a Bloodthirst Bean Bun. Ye Xinglan took a deep breath before throwing it into her mouth.

Bloodthirst Bean Bun was Xu Lizhi’s most potent soul skill

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