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Chapter 404 - A Battle of Kings

Duan Hunxiao’s melancholic tune continued to resonate throughout the arena. The intensity of the blizzard began to weaken, clearly showing it was having an effect on the other team. Bai Hanying smiled and took a step back, letting Duan Hunxiao take her place. A tree branch covered in beautiful blossoming flowers appeared in her hand. This was her martial soul, the Cherry Blossom! She swung it with a flourish, dispersing the petals through the air. They floated to her teammates and released a gentle light as they came to rest on each of them.

Tang Wulin was wrong. They did have a support-type soul master. That was Bai Hanying!

This single move drastically bolstered the strength of the second grade team.

At the very center of the arena, the two class presidents met. A boom tore through the air, the ground trembling as their fists met in midair. Yuanen Yehui was shocked to find herself being pushed by Tang Wulin’s strength. The golden aura around Tang Wulin flared as he exerted strength through his legs and leaped after her in pursuit.

Although Yuanen Yehui was sent retreating, she didn’t suffer any real injuries. With some breathing room now, she retaliated and used Air Cannon, sending a bombardment of shockwaves back at Tang Wulin. Duan Hunxiao took this chance to blow another note. Tang Wulin’s strength dipped under the note’s influence.

Yet Tang Wulin’s expression was as serene as still water. He thrust his hands out before him and used Controlling Crane, Capturing Dragon! A powerful repulsive force deflected Yuanen Yehui’s barrage to the side. Turning his head, Tang Wulin sent a look Duan Hunxiao’s way. Duan Hunxiao had just been about to blow another note, but Tang Wulin’s eyes flashed purple as he spiritually attacked him.

Soul Tuning was a powerful crowd control soul skill. Once someone fell prey to its effects, it would be hard for them to break free. However, these effects took time to appear. That was Soul Tuning’s fatal flaw. The moment Tang Wulin interrupted it, the blizzard regained its frigid strength and rapidly swelled to envelop the entire battlefield.

It was at this moment that Ye Xingmo reached the first grade team. He Xiaopeng and Yue Zhengyu followed right behind him, the three forming a spearhead to penetrate through the first grade team’s formation. They had practiced this tactic before, their spacing between each other was perfect. All three were just close enough to support each other at a moment’s notice, yet far enough to not hinder one another.

On the first grade team’s side, only Ye Xinglan stood in their way. Ye Xingmo raised his sword and thrust it outward before him, the golden star on his forehead shining as a golden beam extended from his sword’s tip.Ye Xinglan struck out with her own sword to meet Ye Xingmo’s. A sprinkle of light trailed behind her sword, outlining the path it took. The instant the two swords met, a baptism of light engulfed the

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