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Chapter 406 - An Opening in the Chaos

The clash between Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui’s had momentarily created a large gap in Gu Yue’s blizzard, the resulting shockwaves hindering the movements of both teams. Despite the danger, two figures traversed the stage in a flash of silver light. Everyone else was too preoccupied to pay any attention to them, however. Especially Xu Lizhi. He threw bun after bun at his teammates to keep their soul power reserves topped up, all while taking the time to defend Gu Yue and Xu Xiaoyan. Noticing the peril that Tang Wulin was in, he threw a bun straight at him.

Is that a Bloodthirst Bean Bun?Yuanen Yehui recognized it from their adventure in the spirit soul tower.I can’t let him eat it!

She punched out again, sending an air cannon toward the bun, the golden blast of air striking and obliterating it. She then turned her attention from Gu Yue back to Tang Wulin. She couldn’t afford to focus on anyone else until she thoroughly defeated him.

Tang Wulin struggled to his feet and wiped away the blood streaming from his nose and mouth. He didn’t retreat or try to avoid Yuanen Yehui. Instead, he charged forward to welcome her. A draconic roar rumbled from the depths of his body once more, and the two collided in midair.

Yuanen Yehui aimed a punch at Tang Wulin’s shoulder, but she held back. Considering his wounded state, she was afraid that she would fatally injure him if she used her full strength. But Tang Wulin noticed this. Sliding his foot to the side, he ducked under her punch. He made to grab her right arm with his claw and sweep his left foot behind her knee.

It was a grappling technique from the Tang Sect!

This stunned Yuanen Yehui, but only for a moment. She recovered her wits instantly and stomped her left foot into the stage. The ground cracked and shook under her strength, throwing Tang Wulin off balance and forcing him to miss his grab! Taking advantage of his broken stance, Yuanen Yehui threw another punch at his shoulder, no longer caring about Tang Wulin’s condition!

Tang Wulin rolled his shoulder backward as her fist struck him, trying to mitigate as much of the force as he could. A resounding crack rang out as Tang Wulin flew backward, bouncing across the stage like a ragdoll.

Concern flitted into Yuanen Yehui’s mind, but she pushed it aside and continued advancing toward Tang Wulin. This was a match, and she represented all of the second grade right now. Defeat was not an option.

As the two of them brawled, a sudden change occurred on the other side of the battlefield. A pair of figures emerged from the blizzard, appearing in the backline of the second grade team.

It was Xie Xie and his Shadow Dragon Clone!

Xie Xie stabbed his dagger toward Bai Hanying’s shoulder. Since this wasn’t a real battle to the death, he had refrained from aiming to slit her neck. The other Xie Xie approached Duan Hunxiao like lightning, stabbing its own dagger toward his hand

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