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Chapter 391 - Three Versus Three

Three against three, huh?Luo Guixing narrowed his eyes.Tang Wulin, you may have taken down Wu Siduo, but victory is still ours!

To Luo Guixing, he only needed to be wary of Gu Yue. However, while she may be strong, he didn’t believe she could defeat all three of them alone. Xu Xiaoyan wasn’t worthy of his attention, and Xu Lizhi was just a food-type soul master. Even with Xu Lizhi’s support, it wouldn’t be enough to turn the tide of battle.

Luo Guixing held absolute confidence of his team’s victory. In his mind, Tang Wulin’s defeat had decided the battle. Tang Wulin was simply too important to his team.

Tang Wulin wasn’t powerful compared to Wu Siduo, but he evened out the playing field with battle armor! He was the first person in all of the first grade to own a piece of battle armor!

Tang Wulin’s blacksmithing talent had earned him the position of blacksmith representative. Everyone in their class wanted to work with him. Now that he revealed his battle armor and proved his skills, his popularity would undoubtedly skyrocket! Everyone aspired to become a battle armor master, and he took the lead! He had used his strength to prove he deserved to be the class president!

If Luo Guixing wanted to snatch away the position, he had to win this battle and defeat the second grade’s team! His team still had a chance!

It wasn’t only because of his intellect that Luo Guixing ranked higher than Xu Yucheng. It was also his willpower!

Absolute silenced reigned over the spectators. The two strongest members of the ranker team were eliminated, and the victor was yet to be decided. No one had predicted Tang Wulin and Xie Xie would be able to take out Wu Siduo and Xu Yucheng.

Shen Yi glanced at Wu Zhangkong to her side, her heart filled with shock.Senior brother really does understand his disciples best!

They both understood what sort of strength Ye Xinglan possessed. If Ye Xinglan had participated in the battle, then the combination of her, Gu Yue, and Xu Xiaoyan meant certain victory! Without her, the battle still held some suspense.

No one was absolutely certain in the ranker team’s victory anymore. If Xie Xie could defeat Xu Yucheng, then it was also possible for the remaining three to surprise them.

Dark Bear Yang Nianxia roared at the sky, then charged at Gu Yue.

Neither Gu Yue, Xu Xiaoyan, nor Xu Lizhi were skilled at close quarters combat. In Yang Nianxia’s mind, victory was assured.

Luo Guixing and Zheng Yiran stood right behind Yang Nianxia, determination blazing in the depths of their hearts. They hadn’t expected to be battered into such a sorry state. Now, only victory could wash away the disgrace.

Luo Guixing locked eyes on Gu Yue. It was a contest of control now. If he could restrain her, then his opponents would have no way of putting up a fight.

Gu Yue met his gaze with cold arrogance in her eyes. Holding Xu Xiaoyan’s left hand in her right, their sou

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