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Chapter 380 - Divine Foundation Metal

Considering that an alloy with a ninety-five percent harmony rate opened a path to godhood, its value was clearly astronomical. The possibility of becoming a divine alloy, no matter how miniscule, was enough to make it the one of the most expensive metals in the world. Rarely would blacksmiths sell such a metal. Instead, they would keep it for themselves.

Forging alloys and forging regular metals was different; luck was an important factor. Even a Divine Blacksmith couldn’t guarantee to forge an alloy with a harmony rate ninety-five percent or higher. The average harmony rate of their products were just higher.

Unknown to Tang Wulin, he had broken yet another record! In the history of blacksmithing, never before had a blacksmith below the sixth rank forge an alloy with ninety-five percent harmony rate. Tang Wulin had achieved the impossible as a fifth-rank blacksmith and set a new bar!

Suddenly, Ye Xinglan spoke up. “Don’t say I’m taking advantage of you. I’m actually a fifth-rank maker,”

A fifth-rank maker?

Everyone was stunned, unable to form words. Among the four professions, designers progressed the fastest since the profession mainly relied on spiritual power and perception. As long as a designer was sufficient in those two aspects, they would reach the third rank.

In comparison, it was much harder for makers to advance. It required constant and repetitive practice, and a strong perception was essential as well. After all, without being able to understand the design, the mecha or battle armor they created would only ever be subpar

Ye Xinglan was just thirteen years old, nearing fourteen. She was the same age as the rest of them. Being a fifth-rank maker at her age made her a genius!  

Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan exchanged a glance, shame colouring their cheeks red. The two of them were the lowest ranking professionals in their group.

“Don’t forget, Lizhi is a fourth-rank mechanic,” Ye Xinglan said.

Tang Wulin nodded enthusiastically. “This is great. Gu Yue is in charge of the designs, so tell her any specifications you have for your armor. We’re going to make our battle armors one part at a time, starting from the right hand. I’ll work hard to forge the alloys, but don’t expect another ninety-five percent alloy. I will guarantee we’ll use alloys of at least ninety percent though.”

A single successful piece of alloy was enough for one hand armor. After that, the most pressing concern was whether the metal could be successfully transformed into hand armor. Although failure wouldn’t turn the metal into scrap, its quality would decline.

“Alright!” Ye Xinglan nodded. Contrary to her calm expression however, her heart was quite disturbed. A fifth-rank maker their age was rare, but a thirteen-year-old fifth-rank blacksmith was an impossibility! There was no one within all of Shrek Academy whose blacksmithing talent could compare with Tang Wulin’s. She would be ab

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