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Chapter 401 - Spirit Refined Titanium Gold

Tang Wulin’s hammers glowed with soul power. Gone was the gentleness from before. They came down upon the titanium crystal like an endless, crashing waterfall, thundering booms now shaking the arena. The explosions of sound were further amplified by the stacked hammers effect. Upon being thousand refined, his hammers were capable of drawing on his soul power. However, after being spirit refined, they could now use his soul power to its fullest potential.

Soul power surged through Tang Wulin’s body like roaring waves. He didn’t hold any part of himself back. Compared to his first spirit refining, he now had enough soul power to spare. Even if he did run out of soul power, he still had the power of his bloodline at his disposal. In addition to that, the two bean buns he had previously eaten roused his blood. He could take advantage of that to reverse the flow of his blood, the technique that had helped him complete Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens and defeat Wu Siduo.

After successfully activating Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens and reversing his blood flow, Tang Wulin perfected the technique and could now use it on command. In doing so, his blood essence became thirty percent stronger, and when he used Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens, his power doubled! As of now, his strongest attack consisted of his dragon claw, his gauntlet, and Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens!

Tang Wulin had long since been able to harness the power of his bloodline to reduce his stamina consumption, improving his forging efficacy. Spirit refining titanium crystal was nothing to him now. He could use his blood essence as a substitute for his soul power, and doing so would also increase his chances of successful spirit refining a metal! During the past few days of forging alloys, he noticed that his success rate had increased. It was clear to him that the bond between metal and blood essence was deeper than the one between metal and soul power. After that discovery, Tang Wulin’s level of forging entered a whole new realm. He didn’t increase in rank, but his success rate soared.

This was the reason why he could forge the titanium crystal so perfectly today.

Tang Wulin’s hammers rained down on the titanium crystal. The golden ball inside of it grew brighter with each heavy hit, growing larger as the crystal that encased it became smaller. This was a truly bizarre scene to behold. It looked as if he were actually granting life to the metal.

Everyone knew that titanium crystal was spirit refined the moment that only its gold remained. Titanium gold had an astronomical value. It was one of the top ten metals and could be reforged into an alloy. Forget normal soul masters, even Titled Douluos desired such a metal! All who were not yet four-word battle armor masters would! A single piece of titanium gold could drastically boost the toughness and other properties of battle armor. It was an absolute treasure. Ti

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