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Chapter 403 - Six Versus Six

“Now, for the final match of this competition,” Shen Yi announced. “The team battle. Both teams will now come up. The first grade’s team may have between three and seven people. The second grade’s team may number one less than the first grade’s.” Her voice didn’t hold even the slightest hint of bias.

“No,” Elder Cai cut in. “The second grade team field the same number of combatants as the first grade.”

“Understood,” Shen Yi said without batting an eye. “The second grade’s team will number the same as the first grade’s. How large is the first grade’s team?”

Seated cross-legged, Tang Wulin slowly opened his eyes. “The first grade’s team has six people.”

Yuanen Yehui looked at him. Their gazes clashed like a burst of sparks. She could see the blazing determination in his eyes.This guy certainly lives up to his position as their team captain!

Shen Yi turned to the second grade. “The second grade’s team may send out six people. You all have three minutes to prepare. After that, the match will begin.”

Off among the spectators, Wu Siduo stared at Tang Wulin. Her fingers twitched as she hesitated to say something, but in the end, she held her silence. She had heard about the strength of the second grade’s class president. This made her yearn to battle him. But she hadn’t earn the right to. If it weren’t for her and Luo Guixing being so stubborn in the past, they would have been going on that stage as well!

The first grade’s team was composed of Tang Wulin, Gu Yue, Ye Xinglan, Xu Lizhi, Xu Xiaoyan, and Xie Xie. At the opposite end of the arena, Yuanen Yehui, He Xiaopeng, Bai Hanying, Yue Zhengyu, Ye Xingmo, and Duan Hunxiao gathered.

Up on the elevated platform, the Holy Spirit Douluo turned to Elder Cai and smiled. “Which side do you think is going to win, Yue Yue?”

Elder Cai laughed. “Why are you asking me that, Elder Sister Yali? The first grade has essentially already won. Do you not have faith in them?”

“I watched the selection tournament and saw for myself just how powerful this year’s new students are. They actually could have sent out a full team of seven and increased their odds of winning.”

“The second grade’s team isn’t weak either,” Elder Cai said. “Their class president, Yuanen Yehui, is a working student, has two peak-level martial souls, and is quite the hard worker. I’m well aware of the first grade’s team’s strengths too. It looks like this match will be a showdown between class presidents. If Tang Wulin can take care of Yuanen Yehui, then the first grade’s got a shot at winning, but it will still be tough.”

The Holy Spirit Douluo chuckled. “Let’s wait and see. I’m here to referee the match anyway.” She stood up, attracting everyone’s attention. Stepping off the platform, she gently floated down to the stage.

Tang Wulin and his teammates finished up their hushed discussion and walked onto the stage. He stood at the front of his team. To his left was Xie

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