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Chapter225 - Forest of Ice

Blue and green lights interweaved together to form a blanket of ice-cold mist that spread across the arena, overwhelming the fire and wind element in air and slowing the firestorm’s growth.

Gu Yue’s expression darkened. A soul fusion skill was beyond her expectations.

In the next instant, a white radiance appeared in front of her before revealing a giant tree, its icy-blue body seemingly condensed of ice yet bursting with vitality.

It unfolded right in the center of the firestorm and the two collided together, generating waves of energy that rippled through the air. Though the blazing tornado shredded the leaves from the swaying tree, the fire also dissipated with every torn leaf.

At a distance away, Wang Dongqi noticed this scene and immediately disengaged from Xie Xie to dash off the stage. She knew how powerful the Zhou sister’s soul fusion skill was.

She took a moment to look Xie Xie in the eye as she ran off and shout, “Hurry up and run!”

Xie Xie also felt something was amiss and hurried after her.

The two sisters were barely able to use this soul fusion skill with their current cultivation bases, but controlling it was another matter. Wang Dongqi understood this and knew to run.

Gu Yue’s complexion paled as the flaming tornado dispersed. To the side, the referee desperately yelled, “Stop!”

But it was too late to stop it now.


Box seven’s glass screen shattered and a white figure instantly flew toward the arena.

A similar situation occurred in box one, but two figures flew out instead.

Yet, no matter how fast they were, it was already too late to stop things.

A heavy restraining power pressed down on Gue Yue as the chill gathered around her surroundings. The ground trembled, then split apart as a multitude of glacial-blue trees sprouted from the earth.

Soul fusion skill: Forest of Ice!

In the moment that Gu Yue spent stunned at the sudden change, she was swept off her feet by a pair of powerful arms and soon found herself staring up at the sky.

When she looked down, she discovered she was within Tang Wulin’s embrace.

Icicle after icicle pierced Tang Wulin. These were actually the branches of the trees, but his body was tough and they didn’t penetrate through him to harm Gu Yue.

Blood blossomed before her eyes, dyeing her vision with crimson. She gazeed at Tang Wulin’s face. Not a single trace of pain marred his features; only a gentle smile greeted her as his arms continued to firmly hold her away from danger.

In that instant the Forest of Ice had appeared, Tang Wulin had slammed his claw at the ground with his claw and broken free of his restraints to lunge at Gu Yue and draw her into his embrace, shielding her with his body as he accepted the onslaught of icicles.

“No!” An inhuman shriek of devastation tore out of Gu Yue’s throat, her voice on the verge of shattering. Six elemental lights wildly gathered

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