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Chapter213 - The Third Tang Sect Art

Mu Xi snorted. “Are you trying to shoo me away? I’m not leaving then.” She plopped herself down on his bedside haughtily.

She really is…

He was simply helpless in front of this senior disciple sister.

Meanwhile, Xu Lizhi circled around Tang Wulin a few times like a shark, inspecting his body. “You really are a freak! I can’t believe you’re already okay! Incredible!”

With his words dipped in annoyance, Tang Wulin said, “You’re not just here to look at my wounds, are you? Come eat with me. Your drool is about to hit the floor.”

“Really?” Xu Lizhi lowered his voice. “You’re really not mad at me?”

Tang Wulin chuckled. “It’s hard to find a fellow foodie, you know? How could I be angry with you! Besides, didn’t you say you would call me big brother since I can out eat you? What big brother would be angry with their little brother?”

Such words coaxed a heavy sigh from Xu Lizhi’s mouth, wiping his anxious expression away into a blossoming grin. “Yeah, that’s right! Since there’s good food to be eaten with big brother, don’t mind me if I’m rude then!” He grabbed a pig trotter and began gnawing on it.

Mu Xi was desperately trying not to laugh. Gluttons can really appreciate one another!

“Oh, right. Boss, there was something else I came for. Here, I have something good for you to eat.” Xu Lizhi raised his hand, gathering soul power within his palm as two stunning soul rings rose beneath him.

“I have a meat bun.” After he muttered this verse, light coalesced into a bun in his palms, his first soul ring twinkling like a star in the sky.

Both Tang Wulin and Mu Xi stared wide-eyed at the fatty.

“You’re a food-type soul master?” Tang Wulin and Mu Xi exclaimed in unison.

Essentially, soul masters were divided into two categories: battle and tool types. Food-type soul masters were an exceptionally rare type within the tool category.

The fact that he was not just a food-type soul master, but also had two rings at the age of ten, shook their hearts!

It was common knowledge that food-type soul masters had the hardest time cultivating.

The bun should be this guy’s martial soul.

Tang Wulin recalled the shiny white objects Xu Lizhi had thrown at the beginning of the exhibition match. Now he knew that they hadn’t been steamed buns, but stuffed buns.

Meat stuffed buns...

This really is…

After accepting the bun, he sunk his teeth into it, a puff of steam escaping from the newfound opening. Not only was it fragrant, it was stuffed to the brim with meat soaked in a rich broth.

Once he devoured the bun in a few bites, warmth permeated his body. Soul power stirred within him, increasing his recovery speed.

A proud look crossed Xu Lizhi’s face. “My first soul skill is Recovery Pork Bun. Eating it will restore your physical strength and your soul power! It’s really helpful in the middle of battle too! It even has a constitution-stren

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