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Chapter239 - The Final Strike

At that moment, however, the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear’s body glowed with a golden light again. Tang Wulin’s claws penetrated the light, but the force behind his strike weakened significantly. Though his golden dragon claw could resist the strength of this light, the rest of his body could not.

Before he could slice open the bear’s neck, the light blasted him away.

Even so, he still managed to tear a small chunk of flesh off the bear’s neck before being sent flying. Crimson blood dotted with specks of gold bubbled out of the wound.

The bear bellowed in pain and bolted off of the ground. It had been many years since it had last been injured and hadn’t expected that today, an insignificant human would dare to wound it.

In the end though, its defense was formidable. Even if Tang Wulin could grab it with his claw, there was a chance that the crushing effect would be useless.

Not giving Tang Wulin a chance to regroup, the bear brandished its claws and attacked him. Tang Wulin, still in midair, was helpless to evade. His death seemed imminent; Xu Xiaoyan’s ice wheel would not make it in time, while Gu Yue was still submerged in the light, preparing her own attack.

Tang Wulin tried to summon his Bluesilver Grass, only to discover that the dark-gold light had disrupted his internal soul power and left it too frenzied to control.

I’m done for. Tang Wulin wore a bitter smile as he bravely faced his impending doom.

Yet at that moment, a figure jumped in front of the bear’s attack.

The figure was instantly torn to shreds, and the protective layer of soul power on his body completely scattered. However, he did manage to save Tang Wulin from this fatal strike.

“Xie Xie!” Tang Wulin cried out. Although no one could truly die in the spirit ascension platform and they were used to the terrifying sensation of death by now, being ripped apart was still an unbearable torture! Xie Xie would suffer terribly from the after-effects.

As Xie Xie drew his last breath, Tang Wulin could see the determination in his eyes.

It was as if Xie Xie was telling him, Avenge me!

Tang Wulin managed to break free of the Duskgold Dreadclaw bear’s influence by using the Mysterious Heaven Method and rolled away from its claw swipes. Despite his red eyes and emotional torment, Tang Wulin continued to dodge while sending vine after vine of Bluesilver Grass after the bear.

The Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear was overcome with bloodlust after being wounded and completely ignored Xu Xiaoyan and Gu Yue in favor of pursuing Tang Wulin.

Though Tang Wulin’s clothes were already in tatters and exhaustion weighed him down like shackles, his eyes shined with resolution.

Xie Xie, I will avenge you!

With Xu Xiaoyan occasionally shooting ice spears at the bear as artillery support and taking advantage of the terrain, Tang Wulin successfully evaded all of the bear’s attacks by a hair’s width.

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