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Chapter230 - Spirit Item Exchange

Because of Wu Zhangkong’s identity as both a Soul Sage and a two-word battle armor master, the doors to the inner sect opened for him. The inner sect cared about neither experience nor origin; only strength and contributions mattered. Once one fulfilled both requirements, one would be let into the illustrious inner sect.

Now that he was a part of the inner sect, he could learn the rest of the Tang Sect’s secret arts and gained access to more of the sect’s resources.

“Mission turn in,” Tang Wulin said to the screen before retrieving several chunks of metal in a flash of light. These materials were his mission’s objective.

Currently, he was accepting missions from both the Blacksmith’s Association and the Tang Sect. The tasks completed for the Association gave him money. On the other hand, he accrued contribution points from the Tang Sect.

Apart from its secret arts, the Tang Sect offered various products exclusive to the sect. It was for these products that Tang Wulin was exchanging his points.

“Three pieces of first-grade thousand-refined metal: 600 points. Available contribution points: 8463.” The electronic voice announced his new total.

Tang Wulin’s eyes twinkled with excitement as he tapped the screen a few times, navigating to a list of spirit items.

Ignoring the rest of the inventory, he scrolled down until he found the particular ingredient he wanted.

Thousand-year Land Dragon Tendon: a legendary spirit medicine that can refine a soul master’s physique without any side effects. Perfect condition. Price: 3,900 contribution points.

Tang Wulin did not hesitate to tap the ‘purchase’ button before resuming his search.

A moment later, he stopped looking.

Thousand-year Sea Dragon Marrow: a legendary spirit medicine that refines a soul master’s body and strengthens their qi and blood without any side effects. Perfect condition. Price: 4,500 contribution points.


After securing the item, he let out a long sigh, his eyes glistening like clusters of stars.

During his trip three years ago to Heaven Dou City with Wu Zhangkong, he had managed to buy a thousand-year Dragonscale Fruit. Afterward, he discovered that the thousand-year Land Dragon Tendon and Sea Dragon Marrow were on the Tang Sect’s inventory. After hoarding his points, he was able to lay his hands on them. Now, he only needed a thousand-year Azure-veined Vine.

Since he had yet to turn fourteen, he was in no rush to obtain the last item. He was confident that with his savings, he could acquire the precious ingredient at an auction or through some other means without an issue.

Once the time came, his martial soul would evolve even further.

However, he was left with a pitiful 603 contribution points after splurging.

Just as Tang Wulin was about to logout, the electronic voice spoke. “Tang Wulin, congratulations. You have surpassed 15,000 total contribution poin

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