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Chapter227 - Sky Ice Battle Armor

Gazing at the levitating Wu Zhangkong, Shen Yi couldn’t help but mutter to herself, “Those fools. Now they’re just provoking him! Don’t they know that the calmer a person is, the more terrifying their wrath?”

In that instant, Wu Zhangkong raised his head, sweeping his eyes over his Skyfrost Sword as he spit out two words.

“Sky. Ice.”

Hearing those two words, Shen Yi trembled even as her eyes widened. Yet, in their evergreen depths sparked a trace of excitement. It had been ages since she had last seen Wu Zhangkong, and even longer since she had witnessed Sky Ice.

A bright radiance enveloped Wu Zhangkong’s body as his Skyfrost Sword also flashed with a brilliant light and instantly fused with his body. The expressions of the surrounding mecha pilots changed when they saw their target vanish.

“He’s over there,” someone shouted, and they all looked to the sky.

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