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Chapter208 - Comprehension and Mu Xi's Advancement

From where they were standing, they could clearly see the two chunks of thousand refined heavy silver on the table.

That’s definitely thousand refined heavy silver! And it’s second-grade! Second-grade thousand refined heavy silver was usually in the domain of fourth rank blacksmiths, yet two kids who had succeeded in forging it now stood in front of him.

Tang Wulin’s and Mu Xi’s state of comprehension was short-lived, but it told the Elder Duan everything he needed to know—both youngsters were at least third rank.

The old man turned to Cen Yue. “Little Yue, your Eastsea Blacksmith’s Association sure has some tricks up its sleeve! Mu Chen is truly formidable. I never expected that he would have groomed two young successors, especially that brat over there. I looked into him and discovered he’s only ten years old. Just where did you find such a freak?”

Cen Yue delighted in the old man’s bitter expression. “Elder Duan, you don’t have to be so worried. We were just lucky. You should know that Mu Xi has shown promise since she was a child, but Wulin is our president’s only direct disciple. He’s quite talented. Maybe he could exchange notes with blacksmiths from Skysea City in the future.”

Cen Yue’s reply was truly a needle hidden in silk floss. He flawlessly explained Tang Wulin’s status as Mu Chen’s direct disciple, secretly warning Elder Duan to discard any ideas of preying on him.

Each blacksmith had their own blacksmithing techniques and ways to pass down their teachings. Just like how a good master was hard to find, a good disciple was also hard to find! What master wouldn’t want a disciple that could one day surpass them?

Forging a second-grade thousand refined metal wasn’t much in their eyes; what was significant, however, was how young Tang Wulin was! He was only ten years old! In the entire history of blacksmithing, a ten-year-old who could thousand refine was unheard of! This was simply…

Elder Duan felt short of breath as he stared at Cen Yue. “Why hasn’t anyone told me that Mu Chen took in a disciple? Have any of you heard about this?” He swept his gaze across the other blacksmiths present.

“I haven’t heard about this,” each of the blacksmiths from Skysea City said one after another, shaking their heads.

Cen Yue’s expression darkened. “Elder Duan, what are you implying?”

Elder Duan snorted. “Nothing. Let’s just head back then. We don’t want to influence the children’s competition.”

He glanced at Tang Wulin one more time before leading the others back to the stage.

Just after they left, Tang Wulin raised his head. His state of comprehension hadn’t been as great as Mu Xi’s since he was forging the familiar heavy silver, but he did manage to grasp the barest traces of what a first-grade thousand refining was like.

The fact that Tang Wulin had used his tungsten hammers needed to be kept in mind. He wondered just what the

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