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Chapter210 - Stargod Sword

Purple? A thousand-year soul ring? This realization shocked Ye Xinglan. She hadn’t seen any of Tang Wulin’s previous battles; her only impression of him was his weak soul power fluctuations.

She had expected that he had one ring, but never did she imagine that it would be a purple ring.

Ye Xinglan instantly reassessed the situation with this new piece of information.

To be able to support a thousand-year soul ring, both his body and spirit must be powerful! There’s no other explanation for it. Looks like he’s more talented than I gave him credit for!

But Ye Xinglan wasn’t worried despite this shocking revelation. Her confidence as a student of Shrek Academy couldn’t be shaken by something as minor as this.

Two yellow soul rings rose from her feet as she reached out and grasped her coalescing martial soul. Although her ring configuration was identical to Tang Wulin’s opponent from the day before, Ye Xinglan’s martial soul gave him a completely different feeling.

A long sword materialized in her hand. Sparks of light twinkled along the slender brilliance of its yellow blade like the stars in the night sky, showcasing a splendor that was attention-grabbing even in daylight. Ye Xinglan’s presence faded with the appearance of the sword, her essence fusing with it.

One with the sword!

A ten-year-old girl has reached such a realm?

Every powerful, perceptive observer in the stands was astonished.

As the two approached each other, Tang Wulin forwent his Bluesilver Grass; instead, he reached out to grab her shoulder.

Ye Xinglan made her move at the very last moment; she took a step to the right.

This seemingly simple action had Tang Wulin’s gut twisting in alarm.

Ye Xinglan’s one step put her in the perfect position to strike his most vulnerable weak point. However, momentum propelled him forward and he passed through the spot that Ye Xinglan had just moved from. It was too late for him to turn around.

Ye Xinglan slashed at Tang Wulin’s ribs. Her sword stroke was casual and smooth, slow and steady. Unavoidable.

It was in that moment of crisis that Tang Wulin displayed his body’s flexibility. He twisted his body and his back arched like a bow—while he was still within striking distance, it bought him enough time for golden scales to ripple across his arm and block the blade..

A metallic tink rang out. Ye Xinglan spun around, dispersing the excess energy of the clash. To her surprise, she found herself two meters from where she originally stood.

Anxiety gripped Tang Wulin. A strange chill had penetrated his scales during their clash and had violently rushed into his body. He summoned his bloodline power and soul power into action, sealing the foreign energy off. Only with the combined power of the two could he keep it at bay.

Even then, light exploded from his right arm, sending him reeling back two steps.

From just this brief clash,

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