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Chapter229 - Time Flies

Although Skysea Alliance’s government did not investigate the prior incident, it also refrained from issuing an apology. Everything was swept under the rug.

With two of its main members incapacitated, class zero could no longer compete in the tournament.

“Mn.” Wu Zhangkong was roused by a hushed groan. He turned to the source of the noise without skipping a beat.

Gu Yue struggled to open her eyes. “Wulin…” The first word that tumbled from her lips was his name, albeit in a feeble manner.

Wu Zhangkong rushed to her side and pinched the veins on Tang Wulin’s wrists. “He’s fine. He’s right beside you. You’re still weak right now. Just rest.”

“Teacher Wu.” Managing to force open her eyelids, Gu Yue aimed her gaze at Wu Zhangkong. Her eyes were red with worry. She turned to her side to check on Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin slept like a baby, free of the slightest inkling of pain.

“He’s tired,” Gu Yue muttered to herself as she yielded to the call of slumber.

Wu Zhangkong stared at the two blankly, brows knitted ever so slightly.

Gu Yue’s words had stirred his mind.

Ever since he took Tang Wulin as a student, it struck him that this disciple was the most hardworking of the batch. Wu Zhangkong often saw him jogging at the break of dawn, even before the roosters’ crow.

Despite his burdens and diligence toward cultivation, not once did Tang Wulin complain. Back in the spirit ascension platform, a lapse in his judgement had nearly triggered a cultivation deviation.

Then there was the tournament from several days ago when he was heavily injured but recovered in a single day. He then tackled another challenge which left him in his current state.

I’ve been too demanding of him. He has been too hard on himself as well.

He’s painfully aware of how much talent he lacks compared to Gu Yue, Xie Xie, and Xu Xiaoyan. This is what drives him forward; this is why he invests twice as much effort as all of them combined.

He’s fatigued in both body and mind. I’ve been overlooking that.

Wu Zhangkong stood up and walked over to Tang Wulin’s bed. Perhaps some adjustments are in order. At the very least, I will have to make some short-term revisions. They are still children after all.

Mu Chen had made a visit three days before with the purpose of confirming Tang Wulin’s state. Only after ascertaining his well-being did he turn heel toward Eastsea City. Mu Chen’s actions brought Wu Zhangkong to make a decision. Wulin can’t go on like this. I must discuss his future with this president.

As astounding as battle armor masters appearing in the tournament had seemed, in reality, it was merely a small episode. Without any follow-up, this hot piece of news sizzled away quickly.

Thus, class zero’s dazzling display was like a blossom from a night-blooming cactus, the petals withering away before dawn. Due to their amazing results in the first half of the round-robin tourna

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