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Chapter236 - Onward

Tang Wulin’s hands closed around its head.

He twisted the red figure’s head a full 180 degrees, snapping its neck in the process! Its muscular body stiffened for an instant before collapsing like a rag doll.

A ball of spirit energy flew out to join the rest that swirled around his body.

“It’s a hundred-year Brute Ape.” It was only now that the others could identify the beast Tang Wulin had killed.

Only a few seconds had passed from the moment the Brute Ape leapt out to Tang Wulin snapping its neck.

The Brute Ape possessed excellent strength, surpassing most of its peers in the same year level. Unfortunately, its foe today was Tang Wulin, a monster brimming with power. The conclusion had been set in stone the moment it decided to attack Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin was also quite satisfied with himself. He had become more proficient in Controlling Crane, Capturing Dragon, which also complemented the Mysterious Heaven Method. Although his soul power rank was only in the twenties still, long term use of the Mysterious Heaven Method had stabilized his condensed soul power, increasing its explosiveness by far when compared to his peers.

After leaving the Blazing Demon Lions’ territory, they encountered so many soul beasts it was like an endless stream. This was to be expected of the rebellion spirit ascension platform.

A pack of Wind Demon Wolves had attacked them on the way but were swiftly dealt with by Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Impaling Array. These types of soul beasts usually relied on their numbers rather than individual strength. Tang Wulin chose not to pursue them since their spirit energy was simply too meager to bother with.

After warding off the wolves, they continued onward.

They would take half an hour to rest every two hours before advancing deeper into the forest. They began to accumulate more and more spirit energy as they progressed, so much so that they exceeded their ability to absorb it all.

The sky grew bright; they were on the eve of finishing their first day in the rebellion spirit ascension platform. They had survived for much more than ten hours now, but their final exam required they pass a full twenty-four hours.

Of course, they had never thought that they would have any difficulty passing the final exam in the first place.

“Everyone, let’s take a break.” hunger was not an issue in the spirit ascension platform since they were merely projections of their real selves. Naturally, they would have to satiate themselves once they exited.

Dawn broke. Tang Wulin cultivated the Purple Demon Eyes silently as he gazed at the distant creeping white fog. He had tried cultivating the Purple Demon Eyes here in the past and discovered, to his surprise, that not only was it possible, it was also far more efficient. Though he wasn’t sure why that was the case, he couldn’t let this opportunity slip away.

Wu Zhangkong had told him that once he cultivate

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