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Chapter216 - True Intentions

Astonished, Xie Xie said, “You like money so much, so why didn’t you agree?”

A frown slid across Tang Wulin’s face. “Didn’t you see how quickly I rejected him? I was afraid I would give in if I didn’t do it fast enough! The conditions were just too good. Even so, my teacher has treated me well and I don’t want to part with you guys. I still have several years before it’s time for me to attempt Spirit Refinement. If I focus on building my foundation right now, maybe I’ll be able to succeed without wasting too many resources, you know? Alright, our match is about to begin.”

As he spoke, he led the way onto the stage.

Duan Xuan ascended the stairs until he reached a box on the upper floor. The men who had followed him stood guard outside while he alone entered box three.

Inside sat a middle-aged man.

“Teacher.” He bowed respectfully in greeting when he saw Duan Xuan.

Duan Xuan joined his side. Together, they viewed the ongoing matches. “Your eyes are sharp. You picked up a good kid. It’s almost like the time I found you. You know, he refused me.”

“He’s even more talented than me when I was his age. I haven’t told you yet, but he’s already a fourth rank blacksmith.” The middle-aged man revealed a splendid grin.

If Tang Wulin was present, he would be startled without a doubt. The person waiting for Duan Xuan in box three was his teacher, Mu Chen.

“Fourth rank? Are you joking with me?” As Duan Xuan stared at Mu Chen, his face was the picture of shock.

Mu Chen chuckled. “There’s no way I would joke about something like this. He’s far more talented than you could imagine. If it wasn’t for his low cultivation, I think he could attempt Spirit Refinement in two years should the materials be provided.”

Duan Xuan heaved a long sigh. “Alright! Did you hide him from me because you were worried I would seduce him away from you? Why does it seem like his second-grade thousand refined metal had nothing to do with luck?”

Mu Chen said, “Out of respect for the rank, I wouldn’t promote him to the fourth rank so easily. I only let him advance when he proved capable of second-grade thousand refining blue coppertite. My daughter’s luck is pretty good though. Her sudden breakthrough was completely unexpected. I think Wulin instigated it. He wouldn’t pick heavy silver normally. Didn’t you say the two of them started and finished together? It seems Mu Xi was influenced by him.”

Duan Xuan muttered, “Blessed by heaven… He’s really blessed by heaven! It looks like I’ll have to work harder to steal him.”

Mu Chen smiled. “Yes, yes. I understand what you’re trying to say. I’ll be sure to fulfill our promise. But I’m going to need another fifteen to twenty years to raise this kid. Once he catches up to me, I’ll continue.”

Duan Xuan grumbled, “Fifteen to twenty years? My bones will have turned to ash by then.”

Roaring laughter exploded from Mu Chen. “Don’t preten

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