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Chapter238 - Battling the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear

The Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear stilled at the odd sensation on his claw. It lowered its head, taken aback when it saw a small nick where his and Tang Wulin’s claws had clashed.

It opened its mouth to release a furious roar that shook the heavens as dark-gold light exploded from its body

Icicles and fireballs rained down upon it, but disintegrated the moment they entered the range of this golden light.

For a Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear, its claw was its most prized possession. Rage coursed through its veins at the thought of its damaged claw.

Xie Xie had made his way to the side. He leapt into the air, his third soul ring lighting up as he silently launched his surprise attack.

His body faded until it almost seemed illusory and in the blink of an eye, separated into three clones that split up to assault the bear from different angles.

Xie Xie couldn’t have timed it better; he attacked while the bear was still raging over its damaged claw.

Metallic clinks resounded as Xie Xie slashed with his two daggers. Yet, the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear was unmoved and unharmed.

It roared once more, unleashing its golden aura with renewed fury as it spun in place while sweeping out with its claws to repel the three clones.

The three retreated with haste. Only one succeeded, however; the other two were chopped into pieces and dissipated from existence.

Xie Xie leaped backward. He didn’t dare approach again.

This bastard’s defense is too strong.

At that moment, a five-meter-long deep blue spear of ice shot down from the sky straight at the bear’s head.


The ice spear shattered! The bear raised a paw to rub its head, not amused.

Xu Xiaoyan’s expression paled with horror. Her second soul skill, Ice Spear, was her strongest attack! It had taken her brother his third soul ring to gain this skill that boasted formidable single-target firepower, yet the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear had simply shrugged it off! She could only imagine how tough its body was.

“Buy me some time,” Gu Yue shouted. Her two hands flew around in a series of wild gestures, gathering elements to her. Unexpectedly, all three of her soul rings were brightening.

Her first soul skill was Elemental Tide, her second Elemental Control, and her thousand-year third soul skill was called Elemental Fusion!

She bathed in the rainbow-colored light that her three powerful elemental support-type skills released, her countenance akin to a fairy.

The Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear chose to act at this moment. Rather than pursuing Xie Xie or attack Xu Xiaoyan, it charged at Tang Wulin with the force of a small mountain. Every one of its claws, now over five meters long, aimed for Tang Wulin’s head!

It resented Tang Wulin for nicking its claws and wanted revenge.

In a flash of blue light, Tang Wulin soared into the air, Bluesilver Impaling Array activating below.

The Duskgo

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