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Chapter221 - Twin Sisters

A wry smile tugged at Long Huantian’s lips. “Such high praise. Looks like I’ll have to see for myself just how amazing these kids are.”

The two teams stood opposite of each other on the stage, having just introduced themselves.

Tang Wulin was astonished to discover that their opponents were all girls. It was his first time greeting a team composed only of girls.

During their introduction, Tang Wulin had been intrigued by the near identical appearance of Zhou Hanyou and Zhou Tian’er. Although they were clearly twin sisters, their contrasting hair colors made for an odd sight.

Standing as the spearpoint of her team, Zhou Hanyou stared at Tang Wulin with eyes that were as cold as ice and as unyielding as the plum blossom in winter. She had matured quite well; apart from being unripe, her height barely differed from that of an adult’s. The Eastsea team seemed tiny in comparison.

An unfathomable feeling welled in Zhou Hanyou’s heart as she stared at the opposing team. Before the match, their academy’s president had repeatedly warned them not to look down on their opponents today.

But she just couldn’t understand how the three kids before her had an identical winning streak as theirs. Their four victories almost guaranteed that they had a place in the top sixteen.

Since there were only eight matches per group, it was nigh impossible for them to not make it into the top sixteen now.

They’re so young though, only ten years old!

Compared to Zhou Hanyu’s frigid demeanour, Zhou Tian’er exuded liveliness. She absent-mindedly asked, “Little brother, you’re already competing at such a young age?”

Tang Wulin’s face couldn’t help but twitch at her question. This a competition!

“We just came here to gain experience.” Despite being disgruntled, Tang Wulin beamed at her. He couldn’t let his opponent notice his displeasure.

Zhou Tian’er said, “How about you guys just concede? It wouldn’t look good if we hurt you; people might think we’re bullying children.”

Tang Wulin’s smiling expression stiffened. She’s even advising us to surrender?

Gu Yue couldn’t bear it anymore and said in a frosty tone, “The victor hasn’t been decided yet. We’ll see after this match.”

The referee began counting down.

Zhou Hanyou glared at her younger sister before turning to Tang Wulin and nodding.

“Three, two, one, begin!”

Thus, the match between the two strongest teams in group three began.

Tang Wulin’s first move was no different from the past; he immediately charged ahead, his hands forming subtle signs behind his back as he shot towards Zhou Hanyou like lightning

Xie Xie was right behind Tang Wulin after seeing the hand signals. His target was Wang Dongqi however, not Zhou Hanyou.

In that moment, the students of Sealand Academy revealed the brilliance of their soul rings.

Zhou Hanyou and Wang Dongqi had three soul rings; the former had two y

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