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Chapter205 - Breaking a Record

Helpless, Xu Lizhi greeted Tang Wulin. Ye Xinglan glared at Tang Wulin, as if her gaze could burn him alive.

Tang Wulin ignored her, treating her as air. “Let’s go.”

At his actions, Xie Xie moved to whisper into his ear. “Why do I get the feeling that there’s some deep grudge between you two?”

Tang Wulin shrugged in response. “No way. We’re just acquaintances.”

Gu Yue approached them after seeing the current situation. Unlike Tang Wulin, she wasn’t as tactful and stared at Ye Xinglan with indifference, her words as cold and piercing as ice. “Just wait and see.”

A disdainful snort left Ye Xinglan’s mouth. “We’re registered too. Let me see just what it is you have to show.”

They also signed up? But aren’t they from Shrek Academy? Can Shrek Academy even participate in a public tournament like this?

Tang Wulin stared at them, incredulity painting his face.

Ye Xinglan said pridefully, “We’ll just join another academy temporarily before the match. No one will say anything if we do that. Tang Wulin, you just wait! You better pray that you’re defeated before you meet me. If not… Hmph!” As she spoke, she raised her fist to Tang Wulin in a menacing way. She glared at him with malicious eyes.

The atmosphere grew heavy and tense. He had no choice but to be cautious of Ye Xinglan now. After all, she came from Shrek Academy! Everyone had watched their exhibition match. Though how they won was still unclear, the strength of Shrek Academy was not. If such a powerful opponent appeared because of his provocation, he would have wronged his teammates!

Tang Wulin wanted to speak out, but Gu Yue stopped him.

“Alright. We’ll see then. Captain, let’s go.” Gu Yue pulled Tang Wulin away, not giving him the chance to resolve anything.

On the road back to the hotel, Tang Wulin recounted the events that nurtured hostility between him and Ye Xinglan.

“Captain, you’re so cool,” Xu Xiaoyan said, bright-eyed. “They’re from Shrek Academy yet you still ran out on them! You’re too awesome! Not bending to power and unshaken by poverty, you’re a true role model!”

Xie Xie’s mouth twitched. “What do you mean ‘not bending to power’! He just hates spending money!”

Tang Wulin shot him a look. “That’s right! It’s exactly like that.”

At this confession, Xie Xie stopped ridiculing Tang Wulin in an instant. Gu Yue exclaimed, “That’s how he really is.”

Xie Xie stumbled over his own two feet. “Dammit Gu Yue, can’t you be a little less biased! Is everything he does just to you?”

“Of course!” Gu Yue stated it as if it was fact.

Fury rose within Xie Xie, bubbling like lava from a volcano. “So you want to marry him when you grow up, then? Are you just planning ahead?”

Gu Yue was taken aback. For a moment, she shot Tang Wulin a gloomy gaze, then rushed back to the hotel.

Xie Xie was flabbergasted. Until now, he had not won a single verbal duel against Gu Yue. N

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